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Robert Kosh discovered the cause of ______, a disease of animals that can be spread to humans.
Which of the following statements concerning Koch's postulated is false?
A suspected pathogen must be found in the majority of individuals with a particular disease
Which of the following was NOT an aspect of Pasturer's experiments to disprove spontaneous generation?
The flasks he used were sealed with corks
Which of the following is a particle that is found in the nucleus of an atom and has no electrical charge?
The type of bond produced when atoms share electrons equally is
a nonpolar covalent bond
Hydrogen bonds are stronger than covalent bonds
Fats, proteins, and complex carbohydrates are all produces by
Dehydration synthesis
All of the following bases are found in RNA molecules EXCEPT
All of the following are classified as macromolecules EXCEPT
Amino Acids
Which of the following organelles is responsible for producing most of the ATP in a eukaryotic cell?
A bacterial cell moving towards light would be an example of
positive phototaxis
If a microbiology lab technician let the safranin out of the Gram stain procedure, what would be the result?
Gram positive cells would be purple, and gram negative cells would be colorless
The Gram stain works because of differences in the _______ of bacteria
Cell walls
The molecules that an enzyme act upon is known as its
How many ATP molecules can be produced from the NADH generated by the catabolism of a molecule of glucose?
Which of the following is classified as a membranous organelle of eukaryotic cells?
Endoplasmic reticulum
Anabolic reactions may be characterized as
forming large molecules from smaller molecules
Which of the processes listed below result in the MOST ATP production within a cell?
Electron Transport System/Chemiosmosis
An __________ organism is one that required oxygen for growth
Obligate aerobic
The term barophile referred to which of the following growth requirements?
Hydrostatic pressure
A device that removes wastes and adds fresh medium to bacterial cultures in order to prolong the log phase of a culture is called a(n)
Human pathogens are classified as
What is the definition of generation time?
The time required for the population to double in size
A cells that uses an organic carbon source and obtains energy from light would be called a
Which of the following statements is true of bacterial plasmids?
They are small circular DNA molecules that can replicate autonomously
DNA helicases...
Break hydrogen bonds between complementary nucleotides
Which of the following is involved in translation?
mRNA, rRNA, and tRNA are all involved
Frederick Griffith discovered
Electroporation is a technique used for
Inserting DNA into cells
Which of the following devices us used for PCR?
A thermocycler
Transgenic organisms
Contain genes from other organisms
Which of the following would NOT be bacteriostatic?
An antimicrobial chemical used on the skin is usually called a(n)
Which of the following types of radiation is non-ionizing and has the shortest wavelength?
Ultraviolet light
Lysol is an example of which of the following groups of chemical antimicrobial agents?
Which of the following is NOT a B-lactam antibiotic?
Which of the following antibiotics disrupts cytoplasmic membrane function?
Amphotericin B
Which of the following drugs inhibits nucleic acid synthesis specifically in prokaryotes?
Infection of the _________ would be the hardest to treat with antimicrobial drugs
Can be produced when nutrients are scarce
Pairs of spherical bacterial cells are called
Which of the following types of microbes might be found in the Dead Sea?
Lichens are composed of a symbiosis of fungi an which of the following?
Cyanobacteria or green algae
Reverse transcriptase is associated with which of the following?
Viroids infection...
How are prions different from all other known infectious agents?
They lack nucleic acid
Symtoms are..
Subjective characteristics of a disease that only the patient can feel
Human normal microbiota begin to develop
During birth
Which of the following stages of an infectious disease is the most severe?
The illness period
A nosocomial disease is a disease acquired
In the health care facility
Fomites are...
Inanimate objects involved in the indirect contact transmission of pathogens
A differential WBC count that shows elevated levels of eosinophiles probably indicated which of the following in the patient?
Which cell becomes a macrophage when leaving the bloodstream?
Pyrogens affect the _______, causing elevation of the internal body temperature
Antigens are..
Specific molecules, or parts of molecules, that the body recognizes as foreign
A humoral immune response is attributed to the action of..
B lymphocytes
The most prevalent type of antibody in the blood is
Which type of immunity is produces by the body when a person gets a disease?
Naturally acquired active immunity
An adjuvant is a substance that
increases the antigenicity of a pathogen
Which of the following statements regarding an inactivated vaccine is FALSE?
It is made from mutated forms of the pathogen
The study and diagnosis of antigen-antibody interaction in the blood is known as..
A person with type O blood can donated to individuals with which of the following blood types?
A, B, AB, or O
Which of the following immunoglobulins is produced by plasma cells in response to an allergen
Which of the following allergic reactions i the result of type IV (delayed) hypersensitivity?
Dermatitis in response to latex gloves
Multiple sclerosis is
an autoimmune disease in which autoantibodies attack the myelin sheath of neurons
Toxic shock syndrom is associated with which type of disease?
A strain of Staphylococcus aureus that does not produce enterotoxins cannot cause which of the following?
Food poisoning
Which of the following bacteria can cause life-threatening pseudomembranous colitis?
Clostridium difficile
Which is the most common disease caused by Propionobacterium?
The respiratory infection know as "walking pneumonia" is caused by...
Mycoplasma pneumoniae
The pus from an abscess in a patient's jaw is likely the result of infection with..
Which of the following is the best way to avoid infection by Neisseria Meningitidis?
Avoidance of crowded living conditions
A lung specimen from a pneumonia patient is likely caused from which pathogen?
Which of the following coliforms is the most common cause of non-noscomial UTI?
E. Coli
What is the causative pathogen for bubonic and pneumonic plague?
Yersinia Pestis
T/F: Enterobacteriaceae are rarely pathogen?
A cystic fibrosis patient develops a severe respiratory infection most likely caused by..
Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Which of the following pathogens causes the most commonly reported sexually transmitted disease in the US
Chlamydia Trachomatis
The typical lesion of primary syphilis is
A painless reddened lesion called a chancre at the site of infection
Which organism is the causative agent of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever?
Which microbe listed is the cause of stomach ulceration?
A patient with cyptococcal infection begins complaining of headache, dizziness, nausea, and neck stiffness. Which o the following specimens would be most useful in diagnosis of this patient's condition?
Cerebrospinal Fluid
A person who shared a hair brush with other family members is most likely to be at risk for which of the following mycoses?
Which of the following is an opportunistic pathogenic fungus in humans?
Candida albicans
Ringworm is caused by
Dermatophytes growing in the upper dead tissue layers in the skin
Episodes of fever in a patent with malaria coincide with which of the following events?
Erythrocyte lysis
Kala-azar is another name for a disease caused by which of the following?
A patient infected with a protozoan parasite who also exhibited congestive heart failure is most likely in the final stages of which of the following diseases?
Chagas' disease
Nematodes such as Ascaris infect the _____ by way of the _____
Intestinal tract; lungs
Which of the following is the most common parasitic worm in the US
Enterobius vermicularis
Elephantiasis is caused by
Filarial roundworms
Which of the following is transmitted by the fecal-oral route?
Entamoeba histloytica
A teenager shows up at a clinical with lesions on his face most likely caused by which virus?
Molluscum contagiosum
Which of the following statements concerning genital warts if FALSE?
The incidence is relatively low because treatment is available
Which of the following is the only DNA virus that can cause viral hepatitis
Hepatitis B virus
Which of the following viruses is responsible for "fifth disease"
B 19 Virus
T/F: The first human disease to be eradicated was smallpox
The most important preventive measure against rhinovirus infection is which of the following?
Which virus listed below is a double-standed RNA virus?
Which virus listed below is causes the disease rabies?
The SARS virus belongs to which groups of viruses?
Which virus below is most likely cause of a severe lower respiratory tract infection
Hanta virus
Peptide bonds are found in..
Which of the following scientist was important in the mechanism of alcoholic fermentation?
Louis Pasteur
A bacterium that has optimum growth at 20-40 degrees centigrade would be classified as..
Where would you find porins?
Gram negative bacterium
Endospores are found in
Prokaryotes only
Freezing will effectively kill endospores
RNA polymerase is directly involved in
A pilus is involved in which form of natural recombination in bacteria
Which technique or enzyme listed below is most useful in DNA fingerprinting
Gel electrophoresis
Tetracycline targets..
Protein synthesis
Bleach belongs in which group os disinfectants
Which of the following is a gaseous sterilant?
Ethylene oxide
Which of the following could be sporocidal
Which of the following have a cell wall containing peptidoglycan?
An organism that requires/likes a high level of NaCl can be termed a
Which of the microbes below is a phototroph?
To which of the groups below do Diatoms belong?
Pathogens are examples of what type of lifestyle?
Which organism is catalase NEGATIVE?
Which of the following is a gram negative microbe?
Whooping cough is caused by?
Diarrhea is a common symptoms of disease caused by which of the microbes below?
Which of the microbes below does not typically cause an STD?
Which disease/condition below is NOT a condition which is often caused by a Streptococcus species?
Toxic Shock Syndrome
Chagas disease is caused by..
Typanosoma Cruzi
Taenia saginata is a
The disease histoplasmosis is caused by a..
Which virus is typically acquired by oral ingestion?
Hepatitis A
Which of the diseases below is caused by a Herpes virus?
Which virus listed below has a single-stranded DNA genome?