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Early colonial newspapers
printed "Published by Authority" on the first page to indicate British authority.
Which British action turned most colonial printers into revolutionaries?
The passage of the stamp act.
Women sometimes became publishers in colonial times because
a. they belonged to families of printers and
b. their husbands, who were printers, were jailed.
What was the U.S. governments first attempt to control the press?
The Alien and Sedition laws.
The alternative press
a. is also called the dissident press
b. was revived in the 1950's and 60's
c. challenged conventiona wisdom
d. became an outlet for social protest.
Ida B. Wells
a. was an african american who eventually owned and operated the "memphis free Speech and headlight"
b. was persecuted for writing the truth about racial crimes.
c. campaigned for African American rights.
d. was active in women's rights.
Sedition is
writing that (authorities claim) could incite rebellion against the government.
Yellow Journalism is
a form of sensationalized reporting emphasizing sex, crime and violence.
Who launched the pocket book series?
Robert de Graff
More than 3/4 of popular novels in the U.S. before 1900 were
sold door-to-door.
Benjamin franklin started
the first circulating library in America.
The first book published in America was
the bay Psalm book.
The International copyright Law of 1891 required
that American authors be paid equal or more than foreign authors.
Paperback books
dropped book prices, could fit into small spaces, democratized reading in America and became popular when pocket books began publishing best sellers.
Grove Press challenged
censorship laws by publishing "Lady Chatterly's Lover" and "The Autobiography of Malcolm X."
The production editor is responsible for
setting up the schedule for publishing a book.
The most significant change of book marketing in the last 40 years has been
the growth of bookstore chains and online retailers.
a book that sells millions of copies world wide by a well-known author is called a
How much is a typical agent's fee of an author's royalties?
One of the advantages of a small press is
that they can specialize in topics or writing styles that are unattractive to larger publishers.
Using the contents of a book to create related products is called
subsidiary rights.
What has affected book publishing in the past 20 years?
The use of internet to receive and transmit manuscripts.
Authors are payed by a system known as
The percentage of a selling price for each book is called
a royalty.
New American Library (NAL) was the first mass market publisher to
issue serious books about and by African Americans.
The biggest selling work in the 1700's published by colonial presses was
Thomas Paines "Common Sense"
About 1/3 of early american novels were written by
book publishers.
The google project was delayed in 2009 because of
anti-trust problems.
Textbooks account for
40% of the book market
Labor unions represented production workers first and later
reporters, editors and photographers.
The portion of people most likely to use newspaper for main news source is
To attract more readers newspapers added special sections about
young people and women.
Frederick Douglas founded which pre-Civil war newspaper?
The North Star - the most important African American newspaper.
Teenagers are increasingly turning to newspapers for information and entertainment.
In 1833, Benjamin Day
lowered the price of his newspaper to a penny and sold it daily on the street.
The first major competition for newspapers came from
John Peter Zenger made the case that truth
was the best defense against libel.
(1721) James Franklin established the tradition of an independent press through
defiance of British control.
John B. Russwurm and Rev. Samuel Cornish publicated "Freedom's Journal" in
1827. It was the beginning of an African-American press tradition.
The first truly national magazine with a large circulation was
The saturday evening post
Magazines widened their audiences in the 1800's by
catering to women.
Sarah Josepha Hale
edited Godey's Lady's books for 40 years, supported women's rights, helped her magazine's circulation rise, and retired a year before she died.
The ladies Home Journal was distinguished from other 19th century publications because
it crusaded against patent medicine and venereal disease.
WEB Du Bois founded and edited
The Crisis
Investigative reporting was pioneered by which magazine?
McClure's Magazine
The Postal Act of 1879
lowered the mailing rates for magazines.
American Medical news is NOT
a consumer magazine.
Muckrakers were america's first
investigative journalists.
What issue did not expand audiences in the 1800's?
Personal finance.
The new Yorker is NOT
part of the empire that Henry Luce built.
The most striking characteristic of magazine development in the 2/2 of the 20th century has been
targeted audiences.
General interests magazines have NOT made a comeback
in the past 30 years.
The department that handles address changes is
The average magazine reader today
owns a home and works full time.
Women have always been
magazines' best audience.
To maintain their audience and revenue magazines today can
expand their presence on the internet, create partnerships, and find new niche audiences.
American Magazine does not
continue to be published today.
Traditional mass media in America included only books, magazines and newspapers.
Interactive communications are two way.
The most noticeable trend among today's media companies is vertical integration.
Interpersonal communication differs from mass communication because it takes place internally within one person.
The US mass media are generally non-profit businesses.
Media convergence is the melding of communications, electronics and computer industries.
Vertical integration means that companies own other companies unrelated to Mass Media.
Disadvantages of media concentration include a loss of diversity and opinion.
Some form of media touches your life every day - economically, socially or culturally.
The second information communications revelation began with the invention of paper.
Phonetic writing, the first communications revolution, was developed about 1000 BC.
Books, newspapers and magazines were america's only mass media for 250 years after the first american book was published.
A television is an example of a "smart" technology.
The media provides information and entertainment but does not affect culture.
Computers were the 3rd communications revolution.