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Mark 10

Gods main purpose create man and women was for marriage,sacred bond which cannot be broken


Genesis 1

Discrimination is wrong but Catholics do condemn sexual relations


Romans 1

Sinful desire but evangelical belief salvation removes all sin


Genesis 1

God said be fruitful and multiply

Sexual relationships

1 Corinthians

Only have sex with husband or wife (premarital is wrong)

Sexual relationships

10 commandments (7th)

You shall not commit adultery


Paul 6th supports pope puis X1

Condemning all forms of artificial contraception due to abortifacient effects

Family planning

1930's Lambeth Conference

Allowed christians to use contraception e.g Marian quality of life, no unwanted child etc.


Genesis 1

Both men and women created at the same time in the image of god


Genesis 2+3

Woman was created after man therefore woman are subordinate and evil came into the world through woman eating the apple


Ephesians (st Paul)

Husbands are head of the wives but husbands should treat wives as they would themselves

Equality of men and women

Non-religious view on equality

Equal pay act , sex discrimination act

Legal laws

Mathew 19

What god has joined let no man separate therefore remarriage is adultery


Mathew 19

Some churches allow remarriage if they ask for forgiveness also Jesus allowed it in certain situations such as adultery

Exceptions to remarriage

Ephesians 6

Children should obey their parents


10 commandments

Honour your mother and father


Non-religious view on families

Same sex families now have same right due to 2010 Act

Discriminating against is illegal they can now also adopt children

Equality acts

Mathew 19

Jesus talks about letting the children come to him for the kingdom of heaven belongs to them e.g Sunday school

Sunday school