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bentuk *
classifier used for ring- and hook-shaped objects
bidang *
classifier used with hides, sails, mats and land
bilah *
classifier for sharp or knife-like objects
butir *
classifier for fruits, coconuts, gems and eggs
ekor *
classifier for all living creatures except plants and human beings
helai *
classifier for cloth, clothing, grass, hair, leaves, paper
kaki *
not very common classifier that may be used for flowers, umbrellas
kayu *
classifier used with kain (cloth), means "roll"
keping *
classifier for things that come in pieces or lumps
kuntum *
normal classifier for flowers
patah *
classifier for words and phrases
pintu *
classifier for houses arranged In rows or terraces -- shophouses for instance
potong *
classifier for things cut in slices
pucuk *
classifier for guns and letters
puntung *
classifier used for butt-ends of cigars, cigarettes, candles, etc.
rawan *
classifier for fishing-nets
tangga *
classifier for Malay-style houses which are raised off the ground and entered by means of a ladder or staircase
tangkai *
classifier for flowers
urat *
classifier for thread
utas *
classifier for things in strings