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sartorius origin
ant sup iliac spine
insertion sartorius
upper medial surface tibia (sgs)
action sartorius
cross leg position
nerve supply sartorius
femoral nerve
origin rectus femorus
-reflected head: groove above acetabulum
-straight head: upper 1/2 ant inf iliac spine
origin vastus lateralis
- inter trochanteric line
- greater trochanter
- lat lip of linea aspra
- lat intermuscular line
origin vastus intermedius
upper 2/3 femur (shaft)
origin vastus medialis
-inertrochanteric line
-med lip of linea aspra
-tendon of adductor magnus
insertion of quadriceps
through patellar ligament into the tibia
-flexion hip
-extension knee
adductor longus origin
body of pubis
adductor longus insertion
middle of 1/3 linea aspra
adductor longus action
-adduction thigh
-medial rotation and flexion knee
adductor brevis origin
body of inf ramus of pubic bone
adductor brevis insertion
upper part of linea aspra
adductor brevis action
- flexion and medial rotation
adductor magnus origin
-lat part of lower area of ischial tuberosity
-ischiopubic ramus
adductor magnus insertion
-adductor tubercle
-medial supracondylar line
-linea aspra (till gluteal tuberosity)
adductor magnus action
-adduction & lat. rotation (thigh)
-extension (hip joint)
garciles origin
-body of pubis
-pubic arch
garciles insertion
med surface tibia (sgs)
garciles action
-on thigh: adduction
-on knee: flexion and lat rotation
-steadies pelvis
pectineus origin
pectineal line pubis
insertion pectineus
vertical line below lesser trochanter
action pectineus
flexion and adduction of thigh
medial compartment nerve supply
obturator nerve
biceps femorus origin
-long head: upper medial part of ischeal tuberosity
-short head: whole length of linea aspra and supracondylar ridge of femur
biceps femorus insertion
head of fibula
biceps femorus action
-lat rotation (in semiflexed position)

Semimemb. origin
upper lat ischeal tuberosity
semimemb insertion
medial condyl tibia
semimemb action
-flexion and med rotation(knee)
-extension (hip)
semitendinosus origin
lower medial ischeal tuberosity
semitendinosus insertion
upper medial surface of tibia
gluteus maximus origin
-gluteal surface ilium
-lat mass of sacrum
-lumbar fascia
-sacrotuberous ligament
gluteus maximus insertion
1/4= ilio-tibial tract
3/4= gluteal tuberosity
gluteus maximus action
-lat rotation, extension hip joint
-support extension of the leg
-antigravity muscle