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What year was HB Logan Born?
March 21, 1881
When did HB Logan graduate from Universal Chiropractic college (UCC)?
What was the first place to license DCs? in what year?
Kansas, 1913
What happened in 1923?
HB Logan and family moves to California
When did Vinton Logan graduate from UCC (Universal Chiropractic College)?
Who was the only doctor that could help HB Logan with his sciatica (before he went to chiro school)?
Dr. CP Huey (DC)
How long was the program at UCC when HB attended vs when Vinton attended? Where were they located?
18 month program for HB (located in Davenport, IA); 2 year program for Vinton (located in Pittsburgh)
When did HB Logan start teaching Universal Health Basic Technique?
What was was formed in 1933?
International Chiropractic Research Foundation (ICRF)
When was the first full spine x ray created? by who?
1933 by Dr. Warren Sasser, D.C.
What happened in 1935?
ICRF (International Chiropractic Research foundation) college of chiropractic was opened (September 1, 1935)
Where was ICRF College of Chiropractic located?
St. Louis, MO---Lindell Blvd
When did college make its first move? Where did it move to? What was the name of the building that housed most of the college?
1936. Moved to Normandy Campus onFlorissant Rd. Old Main housed most of the college (1st floor= clinic, 2nd floor= classrooms/technique rooms, 3rd floor=dorms, basement= cafeteria)
When did the chiropractic college become Logan Basic college of Chiropractic?
When did the first class graduate from Logan Basic Collge of Chiropractic? how many people?
1939 (8 people)
When were HB Logan and Fern Schmutzler (first student) married? when were their twins born
1941 married, 1942 (twins)
What happened in 1944?
Dr. Vinton Logan took over college b/c HB logan died of HA
When was the HB Logan Memorial Building completed? What did it house?
1949. Housed clinic, cafeteria, and administration
What happened in 1958?
Carver collge of chiropractic (Oklahoma City) merged with Logan Collge
What happened in 1961?
Vinton Logan died and Coggins became president
What happened immediately after WWII?
student enrollment boomed (fueled by the GI bill). Avg class size mushroomed from 25 students to 125 students. Trailers were brought from the gov't and placed on campus for student and faculty housing by 1950, there were over 100 trailers on campus, called "trailer town"
Over what years whas Dr. Wm N Coggins president?
What happened in 1964?
Vinton F Logan memorial building dedicated + Missouri Chiropractic College merged with Logan College
What were the conditions on which Missouri Chiropractic College merged with Logan in 1964?
1) Basic was dropped from the name 2) Diversified teechnique was brought in and Dr. Reinert was head of it
What year did Logan move to Chesterfield campus?
What was the price for the Chesterfield campus?
$1.8 mill---deal of the century
What happened in 1979?
Coggins died and MT Morter became president
How long was MT Morter president?
What happened in 1980?
Dr B Hagen became president. (first woman president of CCE accredited college)
How long did B Hagen serve as president
When was Dale C Montgomery memorial clinic opened?
What happened in 1988?
Science, research and ergonomics building was dedicated (now called science and research center)
When did Dr. Goodman become president?
January 1993
What was significant about 1995?
Logan's 60th anniversary and the debt on the science building was paid off
What happened in 1997?
William Harris (Wellness center) complex was opened
When was the pavilion built?
When was the LRC dedicated?
When was the Purser center finished?
2007 (for about $22 mill)
What happened in 2008
Standard Process student center
The pelvis of a skeletally mature adult has how many bones, usually?
What is the normal shape of the sacrum?
Concave on the anterior and convex on the posterior
What is the only muscle that has its origin on the anterior surface of the sacrum?
What muscles attach to the ASIS?
Where is the sacral base located?
Cephalic end of the sacrum
What is the most commonly wedges vertebra in the body?
How many intervertibral discs are there in the spine?
How much height is lost in an adult spine from morning to the evening due to IVD fluid loss caused by gravity?
During the gait cycle, when a person steps forward with one leg, the sacrum the sacrum on that side rocks forward. This is called?
During the gait cycle, when a person steps forward with one leg, the sacrum the sacrum on the other side rocks backward. this is called?
When a weight bearing person suffers from a sacral subluxation, the sacrum will travel forward and downward. How far forward will the sacrum travel in an acute situation?
1/8th an inch
When a weight bearing person suffers from a sacral subluxation, the sacrum will travel forward and downward. Why?
Due to gravity
The sacrosciatic ligament connects?
Ischium to the sacrum
T/F The sacrotuberous ligament attaches to the coccyx?
Several days after the sacrum subluxatesanterior and inferior, the innominate on the same side rotates to try to level the base of the sacrum. This is called?
Eccentric rotation
In a patient who is structurally symmetrical who has an AI sacral subluxation, you notice high crest on the same side. Does this happen in the chronic or acute phase?
What orthapedic test is used to diagnos piriformis syndrome?
Beatty test
What two things can cause foot flare?
Hypertonic ipsilateral iliopsoas and ipsilateral spastic pirifomis
What is the best determinant of sacral subluxation in a infant?
Gluteal line deviation
The lateral most group of the erector spinae are called?
Which of the major divisions of the erector spinae groups attach to the occiput?
Which mucle group s primarily responsible for laterally flexing the spine and head?
When was basic logan basic technique first taught?
When was logan college founded?
What chiropractic college did H.B. Logan graduate from?
Universal college
What chiropractic college did Vinton Logan graduate from?
Universal college
When was the first full spine xray introduced?
Who invented the full spine xray?
Warren Sausser
What is the normal range for a sacral base angle?
What is another name for a sacral base angle?
ferguson's angle
In the case of chronic AI sacrum which way does the coccyx tip point?
Towards the same side of subluxation
the knee-flex phenominon is noticed on which sideof subluxation?
same side
The knee flex responce is because of what muscle?
Where is the TP of T4 compared to its SP?
1 Human inch lateral and 1 and 1/2 interspinous spaces superior
What muscle attaches to the sacrotuberous ligament?
long head of the biceps femoris
What mucle attaches to the ASIS?
Rectus femoris
What are the three parts of the innominates?
Ilium; Ischium; Pubis
What is the upper portion of innominate?
Lowest portion of innominate?
Greater sciatic notch has as larger angle in?
ìJî shaped in men and ìLîshaped in women?
Angle of the greater sciatic notch
Anterior portion of innominate?
Dorsal surface is convex, Anterior surface concave?
Inserted like a wedge between the two innominate bones?
Wide base, narrow apex ?
Contains 5 segments?
The sacrum articulates with the?
The Articular surface of the sacrum extends from the 1st sacral segment to the?
3rd sacral segment
SI joint has a maximum superior to inferior length of?
63 ñ 64 mm (2 æ the inches)
SI joint has maximum anterior to posterior length of?
29 mm (over one inch).
In infants, the articular surfaces are described as?
ìflatî instead of having irregular elevations/depressions as in the adult
Pregnancy increase the mobility of the SI joints and increase the vulnerability of the SI joints to sprain for up to 4 months after childbirth due to?
hormonal changes
The bodies of the sacral vertebrae unite with one another at their adjacent margins after how many years?
The dural sac (theca) and the subarachnoid space (and corresponding CSF) usually extends to the?
second sacral segment
Filum terminale is attached to the dorsal surface of the _____. This ìanchorsî the spinal cord.
first coccygeal segment
Coccyx consists of how many segments?
four segments, usually, but can be three or five
Articulates with the junction of the ilium, ischium and pubis of the innominate bone at the acetabulum?
Attachment of the Piriformis m.?
Greater Trochanter
Attachment of the psoas major m?
Lesser Trochanter
# of Bones in the Cervical Spine?
# of Bones in the Thoracic Spine?
# of Bones in the Lumbar spine?
Height greater on the anterior than posterior?
Has no ribs attached to it?
Distinguished by their large size and absence of costal facets and transverse foramina?
The superior articular facets facing posteriorly and slightly superiorly and laterally?
The inferior articular processes face laterally and anteriorly and are slightly convex transversely?
Atypical vertebrae?
Atlas and Axis
During rotation, due to the articular surfaces, the atlas drops vertically how many mm?
2 to 3 mm
Has ìextra jointsî on the lateral aspect of the bodies, called?
the Joints of Von Luschka (uncinate or unciform processes) (unco-vertebral joints)
Atlas doesnít have a spinous process or?
a vertebral body
Height smaller on the anterior than posterior
Definition ñ vertebra of the body with a rib or ribs attached to it?
Secondary curves are found in?
cervicals , Lumbars :compensatory
The Thoracic and Pelvic curve are?
Primary, concave
Secondary, compensatory curve normally extends from atlas to?
2nd thoracic vert.; Apex between 4th and 5th cerv. vert.
Thoracic Primary curve Normally extends from 2nd thoracic vert to?
11th/12th thoracic vert; Apex between 6th to 9th thoracic vert
Secondary curve Normally extends from 12th thoracic vert. to the?
lumbosacral angle; Apex at 3rd lumbar vert.
What are the ligaments of the sacroiliac joint?
Anterior (ventral) sacroiliac ligament; Interosseous sacroiliac joint; Posterior (dorsal) sacroiliac ligament
What is the main ligament that holds the ilium to the sacrum that consists of two parts, superficial and deep?
Interosseous sacroiliac joint
Deep part of the Interosseous sacroiliac joint consists of two bands. A superior band unites the superior articular process plus the lateral crest of the sacrum to the?
ilium (short posterior sacroiliac ligament).
The lower fibers joining the S-3 and S-4 to the PSIS may be called?
the long posterior sacroiliac ligament
Ligaments attaching the sacrum to the ischium?
Sacrotuberous ligament
The body of the lowest freely movable vertebra always rotates to the?
lower side of the sacrum.
When the sacrum was subluxated to the anterior at its articulation with the innominate the body of the lowest freely movable vertebra always rotates to the?
comparatively high iliac crest
The primary cause of disease and distortion is sacral distortion, subluxation or its disrelationship with what line?
the gravity line of the body
What is the line called that is a symmetrical body from the A ñ P view, this line is identical to the median line? This bisects the body into two lateral halves, according to weight and dimension.
Gravity line
What veiw is the gravity line that runs from the tip of the mastoid process, through the front of the shoulder, greater trochanter, back of the patella and about one inch anterior to the external malleolus?
Any variation from the gravity line implies what?
muscular and ligamentous strain.
What are the three primary causes of spinal subluxations, rotations, curves and body distortions?
Anterior subluxation of the sacrum in its relationship with one innominate; Inferior subluxation of sacrum in its relationship with one innominate; Structural deficiencies of one leg.
What is a secondary causes of spinal subluxations, rotations, curves and body distortions?
Atony of the soft tissue designed to support the articulations of the knee and arch.
Examining the spine in any but the ____ position is unreliable.
The sacrum, is seldom, if ever subluxated in what direction?
The intent of the Logan system is simply to reduce spinal distortions. This is accomplished by(3):
Balancing weight-bearing support to the spine.; Balancing muscular efforts of reducing the distortion.; Balancing ligamentous resistance to distortion.
Give a list of ancillary procedures peculiar to Loganís program includes
Lift therapy; Postural reeducation. Paraspinal auxiliary pressures. Postural supports. Postural counseling. Postural exercises. Cervical pressures. Abdominal pressures
From a biomechanical perspective, the two primary functions of the SI joint are?
To dissipate the load of the upper trunk to the lower extremities.; To facilitate childbearing by ligamentous relaxation during pregnancy.
Assessment of Outcomes (4):
Reduction of signs and symptoms.; Reduction of segmental subluxations.; Correction of spinal distortions.; Follow-up full spine x-rays to compare to the original studies.
How many muscles directly influences SI joint motion?
Although the SI joint is surrounded by some of the most powerful muscles of the body, none
What are the physical findings common to the SI joint syndrome include?
tenderness over the posterior sacral sulcus and the posterior joint line.
What is the role of the hamstrings in pelvic and spinal function?
standing, walking and bending forward, can only be efficiently performed with a stable pelvis. The lateral part of the hamstrings, the long head of the biceps femoris, frequently attaches to the sacrotuberous ligament via a firm tendon.
What can the force of the biceps femoris can be transferred to?
the sacrotuberous ligament.
What affects the lumbopelvic rhythm?
High hamstring muscle tension is frequently found in low back pain patients
The biceps femoris plays a role in the intrinsic stability of the_____ and extrinsic stability of the _____.
SI joint;pelvis
Exacerbation of pain with internal rotation of a straight hip is due to?
piriformis dysfunction
Pain in the region of the SI joint, greater sciatic notch, piriformis muscle, extending down the leg and causing difficulty in walking suggests?
piriformis dysfunction
External rotation of the leg on the side of the involved piriformis muscle.
piriformis dysfunction
In healthy patients, when they bend forward, there is a specific coupled motion existing between the pelvis and the lumbar spine called?
lumbopelvic rhythm
Normalizing the lumbopelvic rhythm is beneficial for?
low back pain patients.
An anterior tilt moves the origin of the hamstring muscle, the ischial tuberosity, farther from its?
An anterior tilt of the innominate would be found on the side of ______ muscle strain.
An anterior tilt elongates the entire?
hamstring musculotendinous unit.
Gains in the strength of the hamstrings were significantly greater in the subjects that were treated with basic than the ones that were notin how many treatments?
Pace sign?
weakness in resisted abduction and external rotation
Beatty sign?
with the patient lying painful side up, the leg is flexed, with the knee resting on the table, buttock pain is produced when the patient life and holds the knee off the table.
What percent of professional soccer players had osteitis pubis?
Instability of the sacroiliac joints appears to be a major cause of secondary instability of?
the pubic symphysis
Osteitis Pubis is a disorder of the pubic symphysis characterized by?
pubic pain and joint disruption
Sacroiliac dysfunction is finally being recognized as a leading cause of?
chronic back pain