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"13. to do homework"
"hacer la tarea"
"12. to play soccer"
"jugar fútbol"
"11. to write stories"
"escribir los cuentos"
"10. to swim in the ocean"
"nadar en el océano"
"9. to watch t.v."
"ver la tele"
"8. to play the guitar"
"tocar la guitarra"
"7. to practice sports"
"practicar deportes"
"6. to skate"
"5. to go to the cinema"
"ir al cine"
"4. to talk on the phone"
"hablar por teléfono"
"2. to listen to music"
"escuchar música"
"1. To cook"
"8. I don't like ____ at all."
"No me gusta nada _____."
"7. I don't like ____."
"No me gusta _____."
"6. Me too. I like it too."
"A mí también."
"5. I like ____ more."
"Me gusta más _____."
"3. I like ____."
"Me gusta _____."
"2. What do you like to do?"
"¿Qué te gusta hacer?"
"1. What do you like?"
"¿Qué te gusta?"
4. I like____ a lot
I really like _____.
"Me gusta mucho _____."
3. to be with friends
to hang out with friends
"estar con amigos"