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int. "Farewell!"; n. a farewell

syn: (int) "So long";
n. good-bye
ant: int. "Hello";
n. greeting
As my friends boarded the airplane, I waved and shouted "adieu! Have a safe trip."

When the hour grew late, the last of the dinner guests made their adieu to their gracious hosts.
n. an arrival; a coming into place or view

syn: approach
ant: departure, going away, exodus
The advent of spring is particularly welcome after a long, harsh winter.
n. the highest point, tip

syn: peak, summit, acme, crowning point
ant: bottom, nadir
If you want to reach the apex the Washington Monument, you can take the stairs or an elevator.
v. to absorb fully or make one's own; to adopt as one's own; to adapt fully

syn: digest, incorporate, blend in
A well-read person assimilates knowledge of a wide range of subjects.
adj. false, counterfeit

syn: phony, fake, spurious
ant: genuine, authentic
Cashiers receive special training so that they will be able to identify bogus currency.
adj. unreasonably high; excessive

syn: extreme, inordinate, overpriced
ant: inexpensive, affordable, reasonable
Management rejected the union's demands for higher wages and better benefits
n. the time between;
adj. temporary, coming between two points in time.

syn: n. interval, interlude
adj. provisional stopgap
In the interim between landing and takeoff, the ground crew cleaned and refueled the plane.

The team played well under an interim coach for the final three months of the season.
v. to flood, overflow; to overwhelm by numbers or size

syn: submerge, deluge, swamp
Torrential rains and high tides inundate the streets of the picturesque seaside community.
v. to speak evil of, slander;
adj. evil

syn: v. defame, vilify, badmouth, adj. wicked
ant: v. praise, commend, adj. kind, benevolent
In every office, there are gossips who are only too willing to malign their coworkers.

Lago reveals his maligning motives to the audience in a series of soliloquies.
v. to wander about, wind about; n. a sharp turn or twist

syn: v. ramble, roam, zigzag, twist
When I travel, I like to meander through unfamiliar towns and cities.
n. a large city; the chief city of an area

syn: large urban center
ant: hamlet, village
Archaeologists have learned much about the Mayans from the ruins of the metropolis Palenque.
adj. very important

syn: consequential, weighty, portentous
ant: inconsequential, trivial, slight, unimportant
A momentous decision by the Supreme Court in 1954 declared public school segregation unconstitutional.
adj. noisy; unruly, disorderly

syn: wild, rowdy, uncojntrolled, riotous
ant: quiet, well-behaved, docile
Our teacher will not tolerate obstreperous behavior in the classroom.
adj. thoughtful; melancholy

syn: dreamy, reflective, contemplative, wistful
We admired the skill with which the artist captured the child's pensive expression.
adj. dangerous

syn: risky, chancy, hazardous, unsafe
ant: safe, secure, harmless
Episodes of old-time movie serials usually ended with the hero or heroine in perilous circumstances.
adj. of poor quality; characterized by inferior workmanship

syn: flimsy, cheap, tacky, imitative
ant: well-made, solid, durable, superior
That designer watch I bought from a street vendor turned out to be a shoody knockoff.
adj. lively, full of life; spicy, flavorful

syn: frisky, peppy, spirited, animated, buoyant
ant: sullen, spiritless, dull, morose, sluggish
Though Grandmother is well into her eighties, she is still as sprightly as a teenager.
adj. angry and bad-tempered; rude

syn: gruff, sullen, cranky, grouchy, hostile
ant: polite, gracious, civil, friendly, genial
Passengers stranded in an airport because their flight is canceled may become quite surly.
n. a long, angry speech, usually very critical

syN; harangue, diatribe, tongue-lashing
The dictator's televised tirade against his opponents lasted for four hours.
n. an idle wanderer, tramp; adj. wandering aimlessly

syn: n. drifter, vagabond, hobo, nomad
ant: n. stay-at-home, homebody, resident
During the Great Depression, many people lost everything and were forced to live as vagrants.

Advertisers continually vie with one another to capture the vagrant attention of fickle consumers.