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operating system (OS)
system software that provides an interface between the user or application program and the computer hardware
opperating system used to communitcate with various hardware devices
file system
a name assigned to a file for identification
mac OS X
maciritosh opperating system
operating system used by scientist and programers
another opperating system
handheld operating systems
mobile operating system
embedded operating system
other mobile operating system
paml OS
competes with windows mobile operatings system
windows embedded CE
designed for camras, security robots, intelligent appliances, gaming divices, GPS, and set- top boxes
windows mobile
runs on smartphones
emulation card
a card the provides the ability for the computer to run a program that was disigned for a different operating system
system administrator
a user who has an administrator account (in control of everything)
administrator account
the main account- account that the administrator signs into
administrative rights
allowing other users to make changes