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what structure initiates stretch reflexes

muscle spindles

what is the term for a change in sensitivity of receptors under constant stimulation


what structures initiate reflexes that cause muscle relaxation before damage can occur

golgi tendon organs

deafness can result from damage to what nerve


what is the main reason that neural regeneration is not possible in the CNS, but possible in the PNS

oligodendrocytes in the CNS do not encourage axonal growth

which receptor type would be used when a person feels the smoothness of glass

Meissner's corpuscle

which of the following describes spinal nerves

they are mixed nerves

the motor division of the peripheral nervous system is composed of what fibers

somatic and autonomic

which of the following describes the classification and stimulus type that would respond when a person touches a hot iron

exteroceptor classification and thermoreceptor stimulus type

which nerve is responsible for sensing a toothache


which of the following describes a relfex

involuntary and rapid

which of the following types of reflexes is particularly important in maintaining balance

cross extensor

what nerve innervates the medial side of the hand


what structure is served by the phrenic nerve


what classification of sensory receptors picks up vibration stimulus and sends it to the CNS


what the synaptic vessels that innervate visceral organs in an indirect manner


the large sciatic nerve branches off into what two nerves

tibial and common fibular

which of the following might result in difficulty walking

damage to the lumbar plexus

what is conscious awareness and interpretation of sensations called


what cranial nerve does not serve the head and neck areas


what type of receptor responds to skeletal muscle stretch


which type of spinal reflex is initiated by cutaneous sensation


what are ganglia

collections of cell bodies in the PNS

Which cranial nerve transmits sensory impulses from pressure receptors of the carotid artery


which nerve is responsible for movement of the tongue during speech and swallowing