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Abstracted Adj.

removed in thought from the immediate situation, lost in ones own mind

The child thinking of Christmas, had an abstracted look on his face.

Adulation N.

extreme praise or admiration

Due to the great adulation of the crowds, the politician thought he might win the election.

Adversity N.

misfortune, unfavorable happening

He has suffered much adversity by first losing his job and then losing his wife.

Burgeon V.

to sprout, to newly emerge

Plants burgeon with the coming of spring.

Chimera N.

a fantasy; a horrible creature of the imagination

He is not the chimera your fears have made him in your mind.

Culpable Adj.

deserving blame; guilty

He was culpable for his children's bad behavior.

Decadent Adj.


Drugs, prostitution, and crime are signs of a decadent society.

Entreaty N.

a plea, an earnest request

The lawyer made a lengthy entreaty to the jury before they retired to chambers.

Fatuous Adj.

foolish, silly in an obnoxious way, inane

The woman was fatuous to think that she needed three thousand pairs of shoes.

Humane Adj.

kind, compassionate, sympathetic and considerate

The United States was very humane in its treatment of prisoners of war.

Indulgent Adj.

lenient, especially towards oneself

The boy did not learn respect from his indulgent parents.

Ineptness N.

lack of competence or judgment

The evidence of his ineptness as a coach is his poor win-loss record.

Ingrate N.

an ungrateful person

I was stunned when I didn't even receive a thank you from the ingrate.

Inundate V.

to flood, to overflow

The television station was inundated with phone calls when the basketball game was interrupted.

Miser N.

one who lives in wretched circumstances to save or hoard money

The old miser lived in a shack but was actually a millionaire.

Nefarious Adj.

extremely wicked, evil, vicious

Hitler's treatment of Jewish people was a sign that he was a very nefarious person.

Prattle N.

meaningless sounds, babble

I have difficulty understanding the prattle of young children.

Predilection N.


He has a predilection for fish when he goes out to eat.

Procrastinate V.

to defer action; to delay

We try not to procrastinate when asked to do a job.

Stoic Adj.

a stoical person; not showing passion or feeling, indifference, impassive

The umpire remained quite stoic despite the manager's screaming and intense booing of the crowd.

Suffrage N.

right to vote

Woman's suffrage was a movement and a cause at the beginning of the twentieth century.

Summon V.

to call together, to send for or to request to appear

I am frightened because I have been summoned to the principal's office.

Transparent Adj.

quality of being able to be seen through, clear

Glass is a transparent substance.

Turbulence N.

wild or disturbing activity

There is a lot of turbulence during a hurricane.

Viable Adj.

capable of working, functioning, or developing adequately

He is a viable candidate because he has experience and can attract votes.