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first event of the abyssinian crisis

december 1934- skirmish at wal wal at an italian fort inside abyssinia.

second event of the abyssinian crisis

april 1935- stressa front between britain, france and italy

third event of the abyssinian crisis

october 1935- invasion of abyssinia

1)haile sallasie appeals to the league

2) league places sanctions on gold and textiles

3) didn't place sanctions on oil because they

thought america would just give it to them

4) british didn't want to provoke italian fleet and didn't want to lose their naval bases in gibralta and malta.

5) they overestimated italian naval strength and for that reason, they didn't close the suez canal

fourth event of the abyssinian crisis

december 1935- british foreign secretary hoare and french pm sign the hoare laval pact

gives italy abyssinia, apart from the "corridor for camels" at the assab port

first event of the manchurian crisis

september 1931- manchurian railroad blown up

second event of the manchurian crisis

february 1932- manchuria is conquered by the japanese

third event of the manchurian crisis

october 1932- lord lytton files a report condemning the japanese

fourth event of the manchurian crisis

march 1933- japan outvoted 42 - 1

japan accuses the west of hypocrisy and leaves the league

fifth event of the manchurian crisis

novemeber 1937- shanghai falls to japan

sixth event of the manchurian crisis

december 1937- nanjing falls to japan


1920- polish army marches into a mostly polish city of vilna, lithuania. League does nothing. France wants to keep poland as an ally against germany.

aaland islands

1921- island was traditionally owned by the fins, but its population wanted to be governed by the swedes. the league said it would remain finnish but no weapons should be kept there.


upper silesia

1921- treaty of versaille gave upper silesia a referendum. 700,000 voted germany 500,000 voted poland. because of how close the results were, there were riots. the league was called in and decided to give the industrial areas (2/3 of upper silesia) to germany. the rural areas were given to poland.



1923- enrico tellini, an italian general is ambushed in greece. italians blame greek. league tells italy to back off. italians back off, but grece is fined.


1925- greece invade bulgaria due to her general and 2 soldiers being murdered. greece is told to back off and is fined £45,000.