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A new manager is implementing an initiative with the desired outcome to have the unit rum more smoothly, what quality is the manager demonstrating
In the Lippitt’s phase, this phase requires people to collect data and this is known as
Diagnose the problem
When facilitating change in a staff it is important to build trust and recognize the need for change, according Lewin’s Force-Field Model this is called
Unfreeze of the system
The changes brought forth by the state boards of nursing are an example of which type of change agent?
Even though this is not easy, facilitating __________ is a mandatory skill for all nurse managers and is crucial in the success of the manager.
When is the time to make people think about the routines that have been previously followed and to consider what might be a better plan of action? Planning or Analysis of Data
A client/PT leave AMA (Against Medical Advice). This is an example of ______________ type of risk category
Medical – Legal Incident
A patient experiences a major incident. How soon should the incident be completed
24 Hours
A client is admitted to a medical-surgical unit after six hours in the emergency room. He requests that his AM care be delayed to allow him to rest. The nurse complies with his request. This is an example of which type of management philosophy? QM or TQM
Total Quality Management
A family member slips on the wet floor and hits her head. You understand that completion of an incident report is necessary for which hospital process? Risk or Quality Mngt
Risk Management
A client experiences difficulty breathing after the change of shift. The nurse on duty discovers that the IVFs were infusing at a rate 10 times the calculated normal. After notifying the physician, and correcting the rate what should be the next step in the client's care? Discipline the Previous Shift Nurse or Complete the Incident Report
Complete the Incident Report
A client experiences an air emboli, resulting in a stroke, during an IV start. This can be classified as which type of risk? This is a Medication Incident, Nursing Incident or Diagnostic Procedure
Diagnostic Procedure
In order to best reduce the potential for risk, the development of which type of atmosphere is needed? Nurse, Family or Patient Focused
Patient Focused
In order to best reduce the potential for risk, the development of which type of atmosphere is needed? Is this Legitmate power or Reward Power
Reward Power
A staff nurse wants to become instrumental in changing a policy regarding scheduling. Which of the following might be helpful in this situation? Talk to Charge Nurse, Talk to Director or Compile data that would support change
Compile data that would support change
A staff nurse tells other staff nurses that the manager is ineffective in order to move into the manager position. Which of the following would describe the nurse's actions? Going Above and Beyond or Using a Power Play
Using a Power Play
A nurse who is planning to run for the local school board will find which of the following sources of power important? Charisma or Connection
The theory that emphasizes the long-range plan, not rewards, is known as? Franklin Covey has a whole industry designed around this one thing
Goal Setting
A technique used to eliminate negative behavior by ignoring the behavior is known as __________. Unfreezing or Extinction
What theory views motivation as learning? Conditioning or Reinforcement
Reinforcement Reinforcement theory, also known as behavior modification, views motivation as learning. According to this theory, behavior is learned through a process called operant conditioning, in which a behavior becomes associated with a particular consequence. In operant conditioning, the response--consequence connection is strengthened over time -- that is, it is learned.
According to Maslow's theory, what level needs to be met first?
Physiological Needs
The characteristic that influences staff to act in a certain way is: Esteem, Control, Instinct
What is an attribute observed among nurses who strive to find the best way to do their job? Motivation, Punctual, Honest, Controlling
Which of the following indicators is viewed as important by the nurse manager in relationship to a performance model? Flexibility or Daily job performance
Daily Job Performance
The time period to give as notice for an appraisal is: One Day, Two Days, 1 Week or 2 Weeks
Two Days
Assigning a rating on the basis of an overall impression is known as Halo, Leniency, Self Evaluation
One who works to bring about change is said to be a
Change Agent
The process of making something different from what it was
Lewin has three elements to his change model name them
Unfreezing, Moving, Refreezing
Refreezing is an example of change how
Full Effect, change or new habit is cemented into behavior
In Lewins theory of Change Moving is
Tacking Action, Making it Happen
Driving Force is a way to facilitate change because they push participants in the desired direction
True or False
This type of force impedes change because it pushes in the opposite direction, what is
Restraining forces.
The Steps in the change Process
Id Problem, Collect Data & Info, Select & Analyze data, Develop plan for change w time & resources, ID Supporters, Build Coalition of Supporters, Help prepare, Prepare to handle resistance, Provide Feedback, Evaluate Effectiveness
List key elements of Assessment Change Process
ID Problem, Collect data, Data Anaylsis
When Authority makes the change it is considered
Power-Coercive Strategies
True or False when Empirical –Rational Model to Change is used it is Knowledge that is the driving power
A Change Strategy related to the assumption that change rest with the ideal the people act in accordance with social norms and values
Normative-reeducative strategies
List the individuals resistant to change
Innovators, Early Adopters, Early Majority, Late Majority, Laggrads, Rejecters
Love Change, Thrive on it!
Early Adopters
Receptive to Change
Early Majority
Perfer Status Quo, but will accept change
Late Majority
resistive, accepting change after most others have
dislike change and are openly antagonistic
Actively oppose and may even sabotage change
This management philosophy that emphasizes a commitment to excellence throughout the organization
Total Quality Management (TQM)
List the four components of TQM, Customer or client Focused, Total Organization Involvement &
Use of quality tools and statistic measures, key processes for improvement
True or False Client Focused TQM involves Internal & External Customers
What is the goal of TOI relate to TQM
that all employees are involved and empowered with the responsibility to make a difference in the quality of service they provide.
The idea “You can’t manage what you can’t measure” is related to what TQM principle
Use of Quality Tools and Statistics for Measure
Name the process used to improve quality and performance
Continuous Quality Improvement CQI
In health care CQI is used to
investigate systematically ways to improve care.
True or False CQI involves evaluation actions, and a mind set to strive constantly for excellence
List the four components that are key in the success of CQI related to well thought out process
Resource Group, Coordinator, Team Leader, Team
This is problem focused and deals with prevention as a component of quality management..what is
Risk Management
List the High Risk areas of Risk Management for an RN
Medication Errors, Falls, PT/Fam Dissatisfaction, Refusal to sign consent for TX,
Unexpected or Unplanned occurrence that may affect or potentially affect the PT/Fam/Staff is a Reportable Incident or Incident Report
Reportable Incident
List components of a Reportable Incident
Discovery, Notification, Investigation, Consultation, Action, Recording
PT admitted to Ed is given Vistaril 25.0 ml IM in stead of grams this is what kind of error
Med Error
Power is the ability to influence or to achieve goals
This is defined as the consequence of real or perceived differences in mutually exclusive goals, values, ideas, attitudes, beliefs, feelings or actions what is
This type of conflict does not emphasize winning…what is
Disruptive Conflict
A group of physicians come into conflict with the nursing staff of a unit over when AM vital signs are recorded. What type of technique might be used that respects the professionalism of both parties? What is Avoiding or Confrontation
Conflict with one individual is
Conflict with 2 or more individuals is
Conflict within one group is
Conflict within 2 or more groups is
Filley’s Four Conflict Strategies
Win – Lose, Lose-Lose, Win-Win, Intergrative decision Making
Win- Win
focuses on goal and attempts to meet the needs of both parties
one party exerts dominance usually a power of authority and the other parties looses
neither sides goals or needs are meet
Intergrative decision making
the focus is on solving the problem rather then the end result
True or false Daily job performance is the #1 factor for RN Managers when reviewing nursing staff
Reinforcement Theory is also known as
Behavior Modification Theory
Negative reinforcers are used to inhibit an undesired behavior also known as
This techniques is used to ELIMINATE negative behavior
Selectively reinforcing behavior that are successively closer approximations to the desired behavior is known as
Name this type of learning theory, people learn new behavior through direct experience or by observing other people performing the behaviors, which results in a positive or negative outcome
Social Learning Theory
Adult Learning Theory has Six components that adults should consider vs. children
Need to Know, Self-concept, Experience, Readiness to learn and time perspective, Motiviation
The type of theory that discusses how motivation works to direct a person's efforts is Conditioning or Process
What theory views motivation as learning
True or False Enhancing Performance includes, ID Problem, Integrating Facilitating & Coordinating work, Creating a MOTIVATIONAL Climate
As a manager the Performance Appraisal Process should include
Day to Day Interaction, Making Notes, Completing the Forms, Formal Interview, Follow up Session
In Performance Appraisal what is #1 thing the Manager should initiate
The Employee to Do Appraisal.
Why do we give a performance review
Constructive Feedback, Admin Decision Making Tool, Fair Employment Practice Law.
Components to be Evaluated
Traits and personal characteristics, Results-oriented system, Behavioral Criteria
Traits and personal characteristics are Objective or Subjective
Results –oriented behavior is Objective or Subjective
Behavioral Criteria is Objective or Subjective
A Tool that rate performance for 12month time frame is
Traditional rating scale
This is an essay or narrative and is best used with another evaluation method what is
Essay Evaluation
The manager only gets to give three raises, 1st employee 5%, 2nd employee 3%, 3rd Employee 1%
Forced Distribution Evaluation
With this evaluation Method the Employee is instructed to set goals ACLS, Charge Nurse, Education
Results-Oriented Evaluation
Everyone is above average in performance review
Leniency Error
Only the last 3month are used in performance review
Recency Eror
Halo Error
All good or All bad
Ambiguous evaluation standards (scoring)
All 5 across the board
Written Comments Problem
Subjective, skip, recent events
Who does the Appraiser team consist of
Employee immediate manager, Peer Review, Group Evaluation
Co-workers are a
Peer Review
Role of Manager during Appraisal Interview
Put Employee at ease, State Purpose of Interview, Go through rating one by one, Draw out employee reaction to rating, Decide on action plan to increase performance areas, Set a follow up date, Express confidence in the employee
The day to day process of helping employees improve their performance
The goal of coaching
to eliminate or improve performance problems.
Coaching should be used when performance meets the standard &
Improvement can still be obtained.
Coaching involves the following role responsibilities
staff development, interviewing, decision making, problem solving, analytical thinking, active listening, motivation, mentoring, communication skills, crucial conversation, appraisal interviews, disciplinary actions.
Day to Day Coaching
State Target, Tie Problem/Consequences, Explore Reasons, Ask for Solution, Arrange for follow up.
Policy Violation contains all of the following except, Prepare before the meeting, Tell Employee they are going to be observed during shift, Objectively Undesired Behavior, Ask what happened & listen, Explain why this can’t continue, Ask for Problem Solving Ideas, Set and record a follow up date.
Tell employee they are going to be watched during shift.
What do Policy Violation and Terminating an Employee have in common
Same list just no follow up with Termination
Once employee terminated what are the steps
Clear Expectations set from the beginning