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Why is an introducer sheeth used in many angiographic procedures?
to reduce vessel trauma
A computerized technique by which bone structures are subtracted from an image of bone, leaving the vessels clearly visible is called ___.
Subtraction angiography
The therapeutic, radiologic procedure designed to dilate or reopen stenotic areas within a vessel is termed ___.
Percutaneous Transluminal Angioplasty
( using a balloon)
What is the injection site for a lower limb venogram?
superficial vein in the foot
What is the most widely used method of catheterization for selective angiography?
Seldinger technique
What is the most common arterial site for catheterization for selective angiography?
femoral artery
The radiographic recording of blood vessels on movie IR is termed __.
Which of the following pumps deoxygenated blood into the pulmonary artery?
Right venticle
The position of the patient's head during myelography should be in ____ to prevent contrast from passing through the cerebral ventricles.
acute extension
Which is the imaging method of choice in diagnosing MS?
Which radiographic exam is performed immediently after a myelogram?
computed tomography
Which of the following projections are performed during myelography?
PA and lateral ducub's
Where is the contrast media injected for a myelogram?
L2-L3 or L3-L4
The brain and spinal cord are enclosed by three protective membranes called the ___.
How many pairs of spinal nerves arise from the spinal cord?
The largest part of the brain is the__.
Measurement of the fetal head and pelvic outlet can be performed using which of the following?
A. Sonography
B. hysteropingography
C. pelvimetry
A. Sonography
C. Pelvimetry
What is a hyteropingogram?
Examination of the uterus and the uterine tubes.
Parts of the female reproductive system include ___.
Ovaries and uterus.
Where does the submandibular duct open into the oral cavity?
Into the floor of the mouth next to the frenulum.
Where does the parotid duct open into the oral cavity?
Opposite the second upper molar.
Which salivary gland is located on the floor of the mouth?
Know the anatomy on page 64, volume 2, figure 14-3. All the glands and ducts in the mouth!
What are the largest salivary glands?
parotid glands
What is the procedure used to study the salivary glands?
Which of the following is not a salivary gland?
How many pairs of salivary glands are in the mouth?
What percent of non-palable lesions in the breast are not malignant?
What percentage of patients will develop breast cancer in there lifetime?
What does MLO stand for?
mediolateral obl
The common KV used in mammography is ___.
What type of generators do mammography machines have?
High frequency
Women between the ages of 40-49 should have a mammogram how often?
every 1-2 years
In what year did mammography become the only x-ray exam regulated by the federal government?
MRI is commonly used in mammography in imaging the ___.
augmented breast
The method used to image the breasts of women who have had implants is called __.
Eklund method
Which of the following is true regarding imaging the breasts?
All of them
The most common material used for the target mammography tube is __.
What is the most common cause of death in women is ___.
lung cancer
During an ERCP, an endoscope is passed into the duodenum under fluoro control and spot radiographs are taken of the ___.
common bile duct and pancreatic duct
The pancreas produces what?
insulin, glucogon and pancreatic juice.
Know the anatomy around the pancreas.
P. 121-124 vol 2
Which of the following joints can be examined by arthrography?
TMJ, hip, and shoulder . All of them
Which of the following contrast medicines may be injected into a joint space for radiography of the menesci cartilage versci etc?
Air and iondinated contrast
A radiography exam in which contrast medium is introduced into a joint space and radiographs are made of that joint is called ___.
Which imaging modality has prompted a major reduction in the number of arthrograms?
Exposure factors in the elderly call for an increase or decrease in KV?
Traditional positioning for chest radiographs may be difficult for an elderly patient. An alternative would be to ___.
wrap arms around chest stand
Which of the following are common sights for a decubitis ulcer?
heel and elbow
What is the largest cause of death with the elderly?
A common fracture site for an elderly person with osteoporosis is __.
distal radius
What system accounts for almost 50% of the disablity in patients older than 65?
nervous system
The aging experience is individual and effected by___.
All of them
Ageism is a term that is used to describe what of the elderly?
steriotyping and discrimination
Aging and disease are considered synonomis. True or false
Which of the following is currently the method of choice for long bone measurement due to accurancy and dose?
Which of the following is a projection used for long bone measuring radiographs?
What is the patient position for long bone measurement?
How many x-ray exposures are required during a long bone measurement study?
long bone measurement is frequently applied to __.
lower limbs
A congenital condition of the large intestines in which nerves that control rythmic contractions are missing?
Hersprungs disease
An inflammation of the inner lining of the intestine that may lead to tissue death most common in newborns is ___.
Necrotizing enterocolitis
What is Atresia?
is a condition in which a body orifice or passage in the body is abnormally closed or absent.
What is Osgood-schlatter disease?
incomplete separation or avulsion of the tibial tuberosity.
What is Spina bifida occulta?
is a condition in which one or more vertebrae are malformed
kohler bone disease
Flattening and sclerosis of the tarsal navicular, which is a rare foot disease for children.
What is Croup?
a viral infection that causes a hard cough.
What is Atelectasis ?
Partial lung collapse
What is cretinism?
A congenital condition caused by a deficiency of thyroid hormone during prenatal development.
hyline membrane disease
A respiratory disease of the newborn in which a membrane composed of proteins and dead cells lines the alveoli , making gas exchange difficult or impossible.
What is cystic fibrosis?
is an inherited disease that causes thick, sticky mucus to build up in the lungs and digestive tract.
A 2 year old comes in for a c-spine series. Who should hold the patient down?
The father wearing a protective apron.
What is the typical contrast media dose for an IVU for a newborn patient?
2mL or 2cc
A carbonated drink given before an IVU may be given to a pediatric patient to displace bowel from the region of the kidney. True or False?
A child will be less resistant if you do not tell him that the needle stick will hurt. True or False
Pediatric patients experience more contrast medium reactions than adult patients. True or False
Pediatric patients need to be hydrated before an IVU. True or false
What size and type of cathereter is recommended for a voiding cystourethrogram on a young pediatric patient?
8 french feeding tube
which of the following KV ranges is recommended for a pediatric IVU for patients 10-12years old?
65 -70
what type of contrast media is most effective in reducing indoseception?
What is the maximum height the enema bag should be above the table top at the beginning of a barium enema procedure?
3 ft
inflatable balloon tip should never be used with a pediatric barium enema. True or False?
Latex enema tip should be used for pediatric barium enema. True or False
Images are taken at ___ intervals for small bowel series for a pediatric patient.
What is the average time it takes barium to reach the ileocecal valve for pediatrics?
1 hr.
How much barium is given to a newborn during an upper GI series?
2-4 oz
Which position demonstrates an ubilical hernia?
dorsal decub
A bowel obstruction due to an accumilation of fluid in the bowel of a full termed fetus is termed ___.
meconium ileus
Where is the CR centered for a KUB on an infant?
1 in above the umbilicus
What is the NPO fasting peroid for a 2 year old before an upper GI series?
6 hrs
It is difficult to distinguish the small bowel from the large on a pediatric abdominal radiograph. True or False?
The lateral skull projection of a six year old requires approximately the same size cassette as that used with an adult. Tru or False
Which of the following radiographic structures are evaluated to determine tilt on a lateral skull?
Orbital grooves
What are the basic projections for the study of the hip for a pediatric patient for a non-trauma?
AP and bilateral frog leg
which of the following pathologic indications requires a signifficant decrease of up to 50% of manual exposure factors?
osteogenesous imperfecta
children should not drink any juice 4 hours before an IVU? True or false?
gonadal shielding should not be used for any study for bilateral hip radiographs. True or false?
regions of extensive bone growth, such as the elbow and wrist should be radiographed separately rather than combined on a single radiograph of the entire limb. True or false?
which of the following KV ranges is reccommended for the lateral projection of a pediatric chest?
Which modality is commonly used for clinical evaluation of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in young children?
functional MRI
Which modality is commonly used for evaluation of possible cerebral edema?
Which modality is commonly used for evaluation of Wilms' tumors?
Which modality is commonly used for evaluation congenital hip dislocation in newborns?
The Cr should be directed to the level of the __ for a lateral 2 year old chest patient.
mamilary line
Which of the following generally requires the use of the grid?
None of them
which term describes the space between the primary and secondary growth space.
ephyseal plate
Which term describes the primary center of ossification of long bones?
Diapers may be left on for an abdominal exam if the tech is sure that there are no pins on them. True or false?
female care givers of child bearing age should never be allowed to help with a procedure. True or false?
the adhesive surface should be applied directly to the skin to hhelp prevent movement. True or false?
The pigostat can be used for the average child up to the age of how old?
2 years old
Which of the following immobile devices is reccommnded for an erect abdomen for an 18 month yr old?
Which of the following factors should be considered should be 1st considered for a pediatric pt.
short exposure time
which of the following terms is most acceptable in describing child abuse?
non-accidental trauma
it is the responsiblity of the tech to make a judgement if a child abuse has occured and go to law enforcement. True or false
false.. go to the ER head doctor or nurse first
The tech makes the decision whether or not a person should stay in the room during exposure. Ture or false?
A technologist attitude is one of the most important factors when dealling with pediatric pts. true or false>
true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yay i'm done!!!