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Three things stored in a stack frame

Return address

Local variables that need to be restored

Parameters that need to be passed to the subroutine

3 advantages of OOP

Easier to amend programs as only the affected module needs editing

Allows multiple programmers to work independently on self-contained modules

Objects can inherit attributes and behaviours, making code reusable throughout the program

Binary tree

Rooted graph in which each node has at most two children

Adjacency matrix for an unweighted graph - how do you represent where there isn't a relationship?


Adjacency matrix for a weighted graph - how do you represent where there isn't a relationship?

Infinity sign

Respective symbols for sets of rational and real numbers

Rational: Q

Real: R

When would you use an adjacency list rather than a matrix?

When there are few edges between vertices

Approach to solve an intractable problem (2 marks)


Relax some of the constraints; solve a simpler version of the problem

Base case for a recursive algorithm

The point at which the recursive function will stop calling itself

Difference between composition and aggregation

Composition: if containing object is destroyed so are the objects it contains

Aggregation: if containing object is destroyed the objects it contains aren't

Define set

Unordered collection of values in which each value occurs at most once

ASCII codes for a, A and 0

a: 97

A: 65

0: 48