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The peripheral nervous system (PNS) consist of what 2 nervous system?
– Somatic Nervous System (SNS)
– Autonomic Nervous System (ANS)
The ANS supplies and controls?
– Smooth Muscle (GI tract and blood vessels)
– Cardiac Muscle
– Glands (sweat and digestive glands)
Is the ANS voluntary or involuntary?
ANS motor pathway?
2 Neurons from CNS to Effector
Which nervous system has 2 divisions, the sympathetic and parasympathetic?
ANS (autonomic)
Which nervous system release either Ach or NE?
ANS (autonomic)
Which nervous system is excitatory (+) or inhibitory (-)?
ANS (autonomic)
The somatic (SNS) controls?
Skeletal Muscle
Is the SNS voluntary or involuntary?
SNS motor pathway?
1 Neuron from CNS to Effector
Which nervous system is where all release the neurotransmitter Ach?
Somatic (SNS)
Which nervous system is always excitatory (stimulates contraction)?
Somatic (SNS)
The autonomic motor pathways include 2 motor neurons?
– Preganglionic Neuron
– Postganglionic Neurons
Which motor neurons of the autonomic motor pathway is from CNS synapses with postganglionic neurons in autonomic ganglion?
Preganglionic Neuron
Which motor neurons of the autonomic motor pathway is from cell body in autonomic ganglion to effector?
Postganglionic Neurons
ANS divisions?
– Sympathetic
– Parasympathetic
Most organs supplied by both S&P divisions is called?
Dual Innervation
Sympathetic and parasympathetic have _____ (_____) effects?
Opposite (antagonistic)
With the heart rate sympathetic does what, and parasympathetic does what?
– Stimulates
– Inhibits
Fight – Or – Flight
Rest – and – Digest?
Some organs receive only _____ not _____ nerves?
– Sympathetic
– Parasympathetic
What are some organs that receive only sympathetic nerves?
– Sweat Glands
– Many Blood Vessels
– Hair Muscles cell bodies
Cell bodies located in lateral gray horn of spinal cord segments T1 – T12 & L1 – L2?
Sympathetic Preganglionic Neurons
The sympathetic division is called?
Neurons synapse with long postganglionic neurons in sympathetic trunk (chain) ganglia or prevertebral ganglia?
Short Preganglionic Neuron
1 preganglionic neuron synapses with many postganglionic neurons?
Widespread Effect
All effectors are controlled by postganglionic neurons except?
Adrenal Medulla
Adrenal medulla is controlled by a?
Preganglionic Neuron
2 types of sympathetic (s) ganglia?
– Sympathetic Trunk (chain) Ganglia
– Prevertebral Ganglia
Which sympathetic ganglia is located on both sides of the vertebral column?
Sympathetic Trunk (chain) Ganglia
With the sympathetic trunk (chain) ganglia, this is the entry points formed by preganglionic sympathetic neurons located at T1 – L2 spinal cord segments?
White Rami
With the sympathetic trunk (chain) ganglia, this is the exit points that lead to each of the 31 pairs of spinal nerves and outnumber white rami?
Gray Rami
Which sympathetic (S) ganglia is located anterior to the vertebral column, near the abdominal arteries?
Prevertebral Ganglia
Preganglionic cell bodies located in the brain stem, as cranial nerves III, VII, IX, X and spinal cord segments S2 – S4?
Parasympathetic Preganglionic Neurons
Parasympathetic division is called the?
The _____ nerve (_____) carries 80% of parasympathetic outflow?
Neurons synapse with short postganglionic neurons in terminal ganglia located close to or within effector?
Long Preganglionic Neuron
1 preganglionic neuron synapses with a few postganglionic neurons?
Localized Effect
All S&P preganglionic axons release?
All P postganglionic axons release?
Some S postganglionic axons (sweat glands) release?
ACh response?
Almost all S postganglionic axons release?
NE (norepinephrine)
NE response?
Has Longer Lasting Widespread Effects
NE has longer lasting widespread affects enhanced by epinephrine and norepinephrine released from the?
Adrenal Medulla
Produces ATP during physical or emotional stress?
Fight – or – Flight Response
What are the 4 E situations?
– Emergency
– Exercise
– Excitement
– Embarrassment
Which response increases heart rate, force of contraction, and blood pressure, and dilates airways increasing breathing rate?
Fight – or – Flight Response
Which response increases sweating and dilates pupils?
Fight – or – Flight Response
Which response contracts arrector pili muscles?
Fight – or – Flight Response
Vasodilates blood vessels to essential organs such as skeletal muscles, heart, liver and adipose tissue is what type of effect?
Sympathetic Effect
Increases glycogen and fat breakdown; increasing blood glucose for ATP production is what type of effect?
Sympathetic Effect
Vasoconstricts blood vessels to nonessential organs such as GI tract and kidneys decreasing digestion and urination is what type of effect?
Sympathetic Effect
Which response conserves and restores body energy?
Rest – and – Digest Response
With parasympathetic effects SLUDD is what?
– Salivation
– Lacrimation
– Urination
– Digestion
– Defecation
Which response decreases heart rate, airway diameter, and pupil diameter?
Rest and Digest Response
Which response increases glycogen production for energy storage?
Rest and Digest Response
The autonomic reflexes and control components include?
– Receptor
– Sensory Neuron
– Integrating Center
– Motor Neurons
– Effectors
Major control and integration center of autonomic nervous system?