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Camillo: The Heavens continue their loves!

Archidamus: I think that there is not in the world either malice or matter to alter it.

(1.1.4)- Foreshadowing/ Irony of jealousy to come.

Leontes: [ASIDE] Too hot, too hot!

To mingle friendship is mingling bloods.

I have tremor cordis on me: my heart dances;

But not for joy; not joy. This entertainment

May a free face put on, derive a liberty

From heartiness, from bounty, fertile bosom,

And well become the agent; 't may, I grant;

But to be paddling palms and pinching fingers,

As now they are, and making practiced smiles,

As in a looking glass, and then to sigh, as twere

The mort o' the deer; O, that is entertainment

My bosom likes not, nor my brows! Mammilius

Art thou my boy?

(1.2.11) metahpor- hands and fingers are erotic appendages.

abrupt changes in mood and speech- choppy, pauses in the middle of lines.

Leontes: Why, that's my bawcock. What,hast

smutch'd thy nose?

They say it is a copy out of mine. Come, captain,

We must be neat; not neat, but cleanly, captain:

And yet the steer, the heifer and the calf

Are all call'd neat.--Still virginalling

Upon his palm!-- How now, you wanton calf!

Art thou my calf?

(1.2.12) sexual imagery, cuckolding

Leontes: Thou wan'st a rough pash and the shoots that i have,

To be full like me: yet they say we are

Almost as like as eggs; women say so,

That will say anything but were they false

As o'er-dyed blacks, as wind, as waters, false

As dice are to be wish'd by one that fixes

No bourn 'twixt his and mine, yet were it true

To say this boy were like me. Come, sir page,

Look on me with your welkin eye: sweet villain!

jealousy, massive use of simile, jagged speech