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What is Service Design?

  • Is involved in planning both new services and changes to existing services,ensuring that the new or changed service fulfills the service strategy by delivering thebusiness objectives.
  • It includes the design of both services and the servicemanagement processes, which will ensure that the service continues to provide value.

How can you ensure a successful design?

  • Taking the time to plan ahead.
  • Insufficient planning leads to costly rework and delaylater.
  • Part of the planning phase is identifying and managing risks to ensure a successfuloutcome.

What is the purpose of Service Design?

  • Deliver a new service or a change to an existingservice that is capable of delivering the strategic outcome required.
  • It considers what will berequired by the transition phase to implement the service in the operational environment,how the service will perform, and what will be required to support it.
  • It considers what will berequired by the transition phase to implement the service in the operational environment,how the service will perform, and what will be required to support it.

What are the objectives of Service Design?

Service design aims to deliver aservice that will require very little improvement later.

What is the scope of Service Design?

  • It ensures that the design fi ts the requirements,and tries to take advantage of technical developments to deliver an innovative service.
  • It ensures that any design constraints are identified and adhered to.

What value does Service Design bring to the business?

  • Lower total cost of ownership across the lifetime of theservice, because all aspects of the design, processes, and technology have been consideredand designed to work together, therefore minimizing later rework.
  • By ensuring that the warranty aspects of the service are included during the designstages, the service design delivers a reliable, effective service that meets the customerrequirements.
  • Capacity, availability, and service continuity requirements are met cost-effectively.
  • Service design will consider what metrics and controls may be required for goodgovernance and ensure that these are part of the design.

What is the Service Design Package (SDP)?

  • Consists of one or more documents, producedduring the service design stage, that describe all aspects of the service, throughout its lifecycle.
  • Contains all the necessary information that will be used to transition andoperate the service.
■ How the service will be used

■ Key contacts and stakeholders

■ Functional requirements

■ Management requirements

■ Service level requirements

■ Service program, service transition plan

■ Service operational acceptance plan

■ Service acceptance criteria (SAC)

What are the 4 Key Elements of Service Design?

■ People■ Processes■ Products■ Partners

Define how People are used as one of the elements of Service Design

  • People are both a resource (you need the right number ofpeople) and a capability (you need the right people, with the right skills).
  • Service designersmust consider how many people will be required to support the new service (resource)and what skill set they will require to do so effectively (capability).
  • Training in the specificprocesses required to support the service will also be necessary.
  • A communicationsplan that ensures the right information is given to the right people at the right time and that personnel understand what is required of them.

Define how Processes are used as on of the elements of Service Design

  • The new service may require additionalprocesses to be designed, such as an authorization or procurement process.
  • Failure to consider thefuture capacity requirements of the service could cause problems later when the service is unable to support increaseddemand without a major redesign.
  • Processes should be documented, together with the interfacesbetween them and other processes.
  • Each process should beexamined to ensure that the activities described are measurable so that they can be assessedfor effectiveness and effi ciency and be improved as required.

Define how Products are used as on of the elements of Service Design

Products are not only the services that result from the service design stage itself but also thetechnology and tools that are chosen to assist in the design or to support the service later.

Define how Partners are used as on of the elements of Service Design

  • Partners are those specialist suppliers—usually external third-party suppliers,manufacturers, and vendors—that provide part of the overall service.
  • Externalsuppliers are managed through the supplier management process, which ensures that thenecessary contracts are put in place and monitors the delivery by the supplier againstthe contract terms.

Service are composed of constituent parts that have to be considered in the design stage. Services are composed of the following:

■ The designer must ensure that the service being designed fulfills all the utilityrequirements—removing constraints or enhancing performance

■ The designer must specify all the technical components of the service, using the configuration management system to show how these are linked to provide the service.

■ The applications that will provide the functional requirements of the business processand the data they require will also form part of the overall design specifi cation.

■ It is essential to understand what other services support the new or changed service

■ Finally, the service management processes that support the service must be documentedand communicated to those who need to follow them.

What are the 5 Key Aspects of Service Design?

Service solutions

Tools and systems for management informationArchitectures

Measurement systems


What is Service Solutions when pertaining to Service Design?

  • It is the new functionality offered by anew application or other service.
  • The requirements will have been defined in the serviceportfolio; it is the job of service design to deliver a solution that meets these requirementswithin any technical or financial constraints that exist.
  • A structured design approach will be used to deliver the service solution,ensuring that it meets the required utility, warranty, and service levels and that it isdelivered on time and within budget.

What is Management Information Systems and Tools when pertaining to Service Design?

  • The second aspect to be considered when designing a service,therefore, concerns ensuring that the new or changed service will integrate with existingmanagement information systems, such as the service knowledge information system(SKMS)
  • Used to support and automate processes.

What is Architecture when pertaining to Service Design?

  • The organization will have existing systems, and the new or changed service will need to becompatible with them.
  • There willbe an existing architectural platform as well as agreed technical standards, and theywill need to be evaluated to see whether they can support the new service.

Define Architecture

The fundamental organization of a system, embodied in itscomponents, their relationships to each other and to the environment, and the principlesguiding its design and evolution

What is Measurement Systems when pertaining to Service Design?

  • The design needs to ensure thatwhat is being measured meets the requirement.
  • The current metrics that are gathered mustbe sufficient to enable the service to be assessed for efficiency and effectiveness.
  • If not, thenthe measurement methods will need to be improved, or the service metric requirement willneed to be altered

What is Processes when pertaining to Service Design?

  • Any processes, roles, responsibilities, and skills that willbe required by the new or changed service need to be considered.
  • New processes will needto be designed, and existing processes need to be checked to see whether they require anyimprovement in order to support the new service.