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What is the purpose of Transition Planning and Support Process?

Provide planning for service transitions and coordinate resources.

What are objectives (outcomes) of STP&S? 5

1. Plan and coordinate resources

2. Coordinate activities, manage risks

3. Establish new services within predicted cost, time and quality

4. Ensure common framework and reusable process are used by all parties

5. Provide plans to customer and business


What are types of documents in STP&S process? 6

1. Service Transition Policy

2. Release Policy

3. Risk log

4. Issue Log

5. Responsibility Matrices

6. Transition Strategy


What are typical SDP contents? 8

1. Service charter (utility, warranty, budget, time)

2. Service specifications

3. Service models

4. Architectural design

5. Definition and design for each release package

6. Detailed design of component assembly

7. Release and deployment plans

8. Service acceptance criteria


What is included in Release Policy? 7

1. naming and numbering conventions

2. roles and responsibilities

3. frequency of releases

4. automated tools used for build and installing

5. configuration baseline caputring

6. entry and exit criteria for release stages

7. early life support exiting and handover criteria


What types of releases are there?

1. Minor

2. Major

3. Emergency


Name inputs to the STP&S process. 3

1. Change proposal

2. Authorized change

3. SDP - release package, design, test plans, deplyment plans, service accept. criteria.


Name 4 primary KPIs for the STP&S process.

1. Increase in % of releases that met customer requirements

2. reduced variation in scope, quality, cost and time of release

3. increased customer satisfaction with plans and communication

4. reduction in the number of issues caused by inadequate planning


Name 2 outputs of ST&P process

1. Transition strategy and budget

2. Integrated set of service transition plans