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Boolean expression
An expression that will evaluate true or false. May be a comparison of two values (variables, properties, constants) using relational operators.
Call (method call)
Execute a method.
Compound Boolean expression
Multiple Boolean expressions that are combined by using the logical operators, &? ||.
If statement
Statement for testing a condition and taking alternate actions based on the outcome of the test.
Logical operator
The operators && (And), || (Or), and ! (Not); used to construct compound Boolean expressions and to reverse the truth of an expression.
Nested if
An if statement completely contained within another if statement.
NewLine character
Used to set line endings in a string literal. Can use \n in strings; in a text box, use Environment.NewLine.
Relational operator
Used to compare two values and return a Boolean (true/false) result.
Short circuit
Skipping the evaluation of parts of a compound condition that are not required.
Switch statement
C# statement to implement a case structure.