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The individualized amount of exercise that will effectively promote physical fitness in a given person


Flexibility is...

The ability to move joints freely through their full range of motion


Slow twitch fibers, fast twitch fibers, intermediate fibers

This muscle fiber contracts slowly, has a small amount of force, but is highly resistant to fatigue

slow twitch fiber

this muscle fiber contracts rapidly and produces a great amount of force, but fatigues quickly

fast twitch fiber

intermediate fibers are..

a combination of slow and fast, they contract rapidly, produce great force, and resist fatigue due to well-developed aerobic capacity

range of motion is..

the amount of movement possible in a joint

an increase in muscle fiber size is..


What are the three types of stretching?

static, dynamic, and pnf stretching

what are the five components of health related fitness?

cardiorespritory endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, body composition

what is a max lift?

measures the maximum amount of weight that can be lifted at one time

What is the overload principle?

A basic principle of physical conditioning that states that in order to improve physical fitness, the body or specific muscles must be stressed

what is atrophy?

a decrease in muscle size

What is a motor unit?

A motor nerve and all of the muscle fibers it controls

What is the rule for breathing?

Exhale on exertion

What is a stretch reflex?

Involuntary contraction of a muscle due to rapid stretching of that muscle

What is a muscle spindle?

The type of proprioceptor found within a muscle

What is a proprioceptor?

Specialized receptor in muscle or tendon that provides feedback to the brain about the position of body parts