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Tests that are designed to determine what one has already learned.
achievement tests
Tests that predict the ability to learn new skills.
aptitude tests
An approach to intelligence that contends that different cognitive abilities are distinct but correlated.
factor approach
A general intelligence that exists in people, underlying specific intelligences or abilities that may vary across individuals.
"g" factor
A single number used to describe an individual's intelligence, originally computed by dividing the individual's mental age by his or her chronological age and dividing by 100.
intelligence quotient (IQ)
Impaired intellectual functioning combined with impaired social functioning.
mental retardation
Form of mental retardation in which affected individuals can, with help, achieve up to about a sixth grade level of functioning as well as develop vocational skills sufficient to work regularly.
mild mental retardation
Form of mental retardation in which affected individuals can develop skills up to the second grade level (as adults) and may learn to perform unskilled labor with supervision.
moderate mental retardation
The most devastating form of mental retardaton, in which affected individuals require close supervision and highly structured environments.
profound mental retardation
The phenomenon in which an abstract concept is eventually viewed as reality itself.
Form of mental retardation in which affected individuals may learn to talk, count, read a few key words, & develop basic hygiene & self-care skills.
severe mental retardation