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What is the primary determining factor in someone's shock?

Current/amps. Primary cause of death from electrical shock is the disturbance of the hearts rhythm by an electrical current.

The amount of current that passes through the the body determines _________________

The outcome of electrical shock

What is considered low voltage

600v and less

What is high voltage

Above 600v

What does OSHA CFR 1910 cover

General industry

What does OSHA CFR 1926 cover

Construction industry

How can you tell what electrical gloves are rated for?

The color of the manufacturers tag, and stamped

What are the 2 categories OSHA is split into

CFR 1910 (General industry)

CFR 1926 ( construction industry)

How should you treat electrical equipment that you are about to work on?

Live until proven otherwise

NFPA 70E explains what?

When an arc flash hazard analysis is required.

How to determine an arc flash boundary

Helps to select required PPE

Provides formulas for calculation of flash protection boundaries and estimates of incident energy exposure