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When a country is isolated

4 levels of imperialism

1: Trade

2: Control

3: Defend

4: Take over

3 reasons for imperialism


#1 thing countries where seeking during the imperialism era


How did the us aquire Hawaii?

Took over it by war or fighting


The queen of Hawaii and didn't want Americans to take over it

How did the us get Alaska

Bought it from Russia




Commodore of the United States military

Us to japan

Brought "toys" over and war ships

What happened timjapan after they became a trading partner w/ the us

Japan became a world power

Which country was forced to give up spheres of influence


John hay

Went on to serve the us secretary of states

Open door policy

Policy that was set up to keep China open to trade with all countries on an equal basis. Would keep 1 county from having total control.

Boxer rebellion

1900 Chinese secret organization led uprising in China to keep western and Japanese influence out.

Yellow journalism start s/a war

Showed the bad of Spanish

Significance of the us uss maine

Started the s/a war

Places s/a war took olace

Philippines and Cuba

Rough riders

Volunteers for the s/a war

Which rough rider

Theodore Roosevelt

Geographic locations

Cuba Philippines

Teller amendment

Joint revolution to reply to the president

Platt amendment

1901 stipulated many conditions for the us troops at the end of the s/a war

Roosevelt Coraly

Enforce European powers

Dollar deplomacy

Form of American policy

Which country failed to build the Panama canal


Geographic land feature is panama


Gain access to Panama

Panama go to war against Columbia and take over

What where the challenges for building the canal for the us

Forests and mountains

Impacts of the Panama Canal on the us

Made traveling a lot easier and got trade done quicker