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To him the meaning of an episode was not inside like a kernel but outside, enveloping the tale which brought it out only as a glow brings out a haze. (pg. 3)
Meaning - The relationship between the "kernel" and the surface.
Whited-Sepulcher (pg. 7)
Death - A sepulcher is connected to death since it contains a corpse.
Meaning - A sepulcher gives instant messages to people whenever they appear, but realistically speaking they might not even contain anything.
Meaning - The sepulcher is "whited" not "white", which indicates that something is underneath that "white"., perhaps death?
Race - White is always good, and black is always bad.
In the outer room the two women knitted black wool feverishly...Morituri te salutant". (pg. 8)
Absurdity - Knitting wool is supposed to be easy, but the old grandmas are knitting feverishly.
Death - Black is an obvious symbol of death in this novel, and by knitting it, it symbolizes your approach of it?
Death - The latin is line from the Gladiators meaning the dead will salute you, another connection to advancing toward death.
He looked like a harleguin. His clothes wee made of some stuff that was brown holland probably.... with bright patches of blue, red, and yellow. (pg. 48)
Race - Earlier in the novella the colors are used to represent the countries, here Kurtz is presented as a "multi-national" character.
Absurdity - Vivid imagery is also in play here, with Kurtz described as a Harlequin. This can symbolize the absurdity of Africa as it is split into many different colonies.
Meaning - The imagery generated here is used to convey deeper meaning.
It is [quer] how out of touch women are (pg. 10)
Gender - Perception of women is based on men.
Absurdity - It was Marlow who once said that they needed to preserve women to remain pure in the first place.
But it was something to have at least a choice of nightmares. (pg. 57)
Absurdity - Choice is very clearly an illusion here because what's important is the inevitable, nightmares. The nature of it sometimes doesn't matter.
Death - Nightmare symbolizes fear, which is also connected with death. Likewise you may have a choice of how you die but death itself is inevitable.
The horror! The horror! (pg. 64)
But I couldn't, I could not tell her, it would have been too dark - too dark altogether (pg. 72)
Truth - The intended was kept from the truth, perhaps the author is trying to convey the non-existence of it?
Death - People's misconception of death.
Catch'im. Give 'im to us (pg. 30)
Race - The dialect used to for the native people, this is one of the very few instances where they had a voice.
Language - The use of dialect here helps convey verisimilitude.
My Mother is a fish (pg. 84)