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Duchamp, Fountain, Modernism

Art is choosing to make so,etching. You can hate it but you have to allow it. All about idea.

Wood, American Gothic, American Modernism

Gender roles, religion. Middle class. Propaganda for America and rejection of modernism as a social ill.

Motley, Black Belt, Harlem Renaissance

Depict their area as "happening". Show that this is the place you want to be, not slums.

Armstrong, Heebie-Jeebies, Harlem Renaissance

Defined New Orleans sound. Scar vocals. 3 players busy and full.

Pollock, Autumn Rhythm, Abstract-Expressionism

Canvas on ground. Dribbled paint on. Jazz influence with chaotic "improv". Cold War major subtext. Bought by CIA. Represents freedom - shown in Europe.

Morris, Installation at the Green Gallery, Minimalism

Takes up actual space - viewer interaction. No color, no artist hand. Saying no to big ideas, new experience. Lacks expressionistic aspect.

Elvis Presley, Hound Dog, Rock-and-Roll

Energy and white (to sell). Scandalous hips. Combo of Richard and Boone.

The Beatles, Tomorrow Never Knows, Rock-and-Roll

Rock still popular in Europe. Guitars and drums. Ed Sullivan show. Long hair scandalous. Americas first taste since the 50's, in depression over JFK. Indian influence.

Jefferson Airplane, Volunteers, Rock-and-Roll

Woodstock. Raw sounding. Against war with Vietnam.

Warhol, White Burning Car III, Pop Art

Silk screen. Desensitized by mass production of news images. Man walking behind. Only 5 not six.

Ono, Cut Piece, Conceptualism

No object left behind - art as an experience. Showed more about those present than the artist herself.

Lin, Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Conceptualism

Interactive, reflective to see yourself. Cut out of a mountain like a grave. Showed that it was more of a body count war. Soldier statue made near it.

Kosolapov, Coca-Cola Lenin, Postmodernism

Propaganda and advertising mixed as well as communism and capitalism. Neither America nor Russia want it bc it shows the other.

Rosler, Balloons, Postmodernism

Collage. Brought the war home. What does killing people protect? Is a way of living worth another life?

Laibach, Tanz mit Laibach, Postmodernism

Germany influenced by American culture. 1234 marching of army boots. American saturating international cultural consciousness.

Ai Weiwei, Sunflower Seeds, Postmodernism

Common street snack associated with Cultural Revolution. Nods to loss of personal freedom and propaganda as followers. Individualism and mass production.

Robinson, Fading Away, Early Photography

Multiple photos taken and stacked, can see lines. Get proper exposure of sky.

Stieglitz, The Terminal, Pictorialism

Long exposure gets bldg in focus, see steam from horses.

Weston, Pepper, f/64

Large f stop puts lots in focus. Photography more than documenting - art. Group of "straight photography" where they manifested possessing no qualities of technique, composition or idea, derivative of any other form"

Thompson, Untitled Self-Portrait, Contemporary Photography

Never reveals how he did it. Not altered in post.

Brant, American Lake WA, Contemporary Photography

Getting rid of idea of replication ability of photographs and manipulating the medium by integrating with the subject (water from the lake on photograph).

Photography influence our life. Susan Sontag

Selfie at Aushwitz. Tourism - respond to new things with placing lens between us and it. Worth photographing = worth doing.

Documentary photos - Hine

Can be manipulated. He has names, addresses, names. If you fake it no one believes you again. Trust. If you believe in Bigfoot you'll believe the images.

Berger - Time instead of form.

Best photograph: what it invokes but doesn't show. Migrant mother - invokes time period, struggle, depression, etc. travel photography: everyone together in a scenic spot to commemorate whole trip (time). Important what you don't take a photo of as well.

Barthes studium and punctum.

Studium: what makes it interesting. Punctum: the part that pierces you. Unique to each person. "Looking into the eyes that looked into the eyes of Napoleon". Postmortem photography.

Weston artistic

Set up the photo in your mind before taking the shot. Composition. Light and angles. Not trying to make a photograph.