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The "opposites attract" adage appears to be accurate with regard to:
interpersonal style.
A great deal of evidence shows that, given a choice of more than one potential partner, men and women prefer the partner who is:
more physically attractive.
The "interpersonal marketplace" principle suggests the tendency in our society for:
beautiful women to pair with wealthy men.
Respondents in a study by the National Survey of Black Americans associated what aspect with attractiveness?
skin tone
Research on playing hard-to-get found that:
men believed that a woman who is hard-to-get is not promiscuous
Research on jealousy indicates that:
men are more likely to become jealous in response to their partner's sexual activity.
According to the sexual strategies theory of sociobiologists:
men prefer women who will be sexually faithful because they want to be certain about the paternity of offspring.
men prefer young women because they are more likely to be fertile than older women.
women must make a much greater investment than men in order to reproduce.
Research on the importance of self-disclosure to intimacy indicates that self-disclosure:
and intimacy appear to mutually build on each other.
Kissing, touching, and making love are examples of acting on which component of love in Sternberg's model?
According to the "love as a story" model:
love stories derive their power from the fact that they are self-fulfilling.
Which of the following is an example of the emotional component of love on the Passionate Love Scale (PLS)?
I will love ______ forever.
Research supports which of the following statements about love between men and women?
Men fall in love earlier in a relationship.
Which of the following is true of research done on the two-component theory of love?
In one study, men who engaged in physical exercise expressed more liking for an attractive, female confederate than men who had not exercised.
In which country would a person be MOST LIKELY to marry even if she or he didn't love the intended spouse?
What is the tendency to have contact with people equal in social status?
The term "matching phenomena" refers to the tendency for men and women to choose partners who match them on social and personal characteristics.
The principle of the interpersonal marketplace suggests that the people we are attracted to and pair off with depends a lot on how much we think we can "buy" with our own personal characteristics.
Young men and women typically rate personality as the most important feature of attractiveness.
The more one is in contact with another leads to greater liking.
A man's occupation has little to do with whether a woman would consider dating him.
A feeling of deep attachment and commitment to a person with whom one has an intimate relationship.
Companionate love
Giving specific examples of the issue being discussed.
Censoring or not saying things that would be deliberately hurtful to your partner or that are irrelevant.
A communicator whose impact matches his or her intent.
Effective communicator
A set of rules designed to make arguments constructive rather than destructive.
Fighting fair
The tendency to have contact with people who are equal in social status.
Speaking for yourself, using the word "I"; not mind reading.
"I" language
What someone else understands the speaker to mean.
What the speaker means.
A quality of relationships characterized by commitment, feelings of closeness and trust, and self-disclosure.
Telling your partner what you are feeling by stating your thoughts clearly, simply, and honestly.
A story about what love should be like, including characters, a plot, and a theme.
Love story
The tendency for men and women to choose as partners people who match them, that is, who are similar in attitudes, intelligence, and attractiveness.
Matching phenomenon
The tendency to like a person more if we have been exposed to him or her repeatedly.
Mere-exposure effect
Making assumptions about what your partner thinks or feels.
Mind reading
When a person in a stage of physiological arousal (e.g., from exercising or being in a frightening situation) attributes these feelings to love or attraction to the person present.
Misattribution of arousal
Communication not through words, but through the body, e.g., eye contact, tone of voice, touching.
Nonverbal communication
Defining some concept or term by how it is measured, for example, defining intelligence as those abilities that are measured by IQ tests.
Operational definition
A state of intense longing for union with the other person and of intense physiological arousal.
Passionate love
Telling personal things about yourself.
Berscheid and Walster's theory that two conditions must exist simultaneously for passionate love to occur: physiological arousal and attaching a cognitive label ("love") to the feeling.
Two-component theory of love
Telling your partner that, given his or her point of view, you can see why he or she thinks a certain way.
The males of which ethnic group have been stereotyped as asexual, while the women have been stereotyped as exotic sex toys?
Asian Americans
The process of acculturation to Anglo American society seems to have increased male dominance among which of the following ethnic minority groups?
American Indian tribes
Sub-groups of which larger ethnic group traditionally held relatively egalitarian gender roles?
American Indians
Which of the following is NOT true of gender role socialization?
Gender role socialization is completed by the end of adolescence.
On which indicator or indicators do males consistently score higher than females?
Physical aggression.
Verbal aggression.
Fantasy aggression.
A review of almost 200 studies of gender differences in sexuality found that the largest difference between males and females was in the incidence of:
Laboratory research studies on male and female responses to erotic materials have found:
that while men may be more aroused by erotic materials, the gender difference is not large.
The anatomical explanation for gender differences in sexuality focuses on:
the fact that the penis is external, visible, and has an obvious sexual response.
Which of the following is likely to be a factor contributing to male and female differences in sexuality?
Women's concern about pregnancy resulting from intercourse.
A photoplethysmograph measures:
physiological arousal in females.
A female-to-male transsexual who is sexually attracted to women would be:
The first step in gender reassignment is:
counseling and psychiatric evaluation.
Which of the following statements is true with regard to causes of transsexualism?
Richard Green believes that the origins lie in parental practices.
In 2000 the International Olympic Committee suspended testing female athletes on what gender-related matter?
gender verification
In which ethnic group are the boys given greater freedom and are encouraged in sexual exploits and are not expected to share in household work?
Socialization occurs especially in childhood, as children are taught to behave as they will be expected to in adulthood.
All societies have gender roles.
Gender difference in aggression tends to be largest among preschoolers, but it gets smaller with age, so that gender differences in adults' aggression are small.
Typically, women and men are equally approving of premarital intercourse.
A study using the bogus pipeline method determined that findings of gender differences obtained by self-reports are probably exaggerations of the truth.
Gender differences in sexuality are explained by a single biological factor: anatomy.
In the early centuries of Christianity, a number of women transformed themselves into men.
Transsexualism is a problem not of sexual behavior but of gender and gender identity.
A transvestite is a person who believes that he or she was born with the body of the other gender.
Female-to-male transsexuals have been more likely to seek help at clinics and have more often been given gender-reassignment surgery.
Bernie Zibergeld wrote The New Male Sexuality on his experience as a sex therapist.
The sexual double standard gives males more sexual freedom than women in our culture.
Females have about half the level of testosterone in their blood that males do.
The high unemployment rate creates a gender role problem for African American males.
The media are important socializing agents.
Homosexuals are similar to other minority groups in that:
they suffer from job discrimination.
Which aspect of the gay social life has created the most controversy within the gay community?
gay baths
When measuring the incidence of homosexuality:
Kinsey's unsystematic sampling methods probably led to overestimates of the incidence of homosexuality.
Kinsey proposed conceptualizing homosexuality and heterosexuality along a continuum rather than using a typological conceptualization.
a person high on both heteroeroticism and homoeroticism is conceptualized as bisexual with Storms' model.
Which of the following is NOT true of Bem's interactionist theory of sexual orientation?
It is supported by a large body of research evidence.
Which ethnic group appears to have the least tolerance for homosexuality?
African Americans
Some Mexicans and Egyptians take the view that a man can engage in which of the following acts without being considered a homosexual?
inserting his penis into the anus of another man
Which of the following statements about bisexuality is true?
Some bisexuals are happy in heterosexual marriages.
Which of the following statements about ritualized homosexuality in Melanesia is true?
It is viewed as a means by which a boy at puberty is incorporated into the adult society of men.
Which of the following describes the results of research questioning which orientation is the natural state for humans?
Research has not definitively defined a natural state.
Which of the following is NOT one of the six stages of identity development in the process of "coming out"?
Identity exaltation
Which symbol has been adopted as a symbol or pride?
Pink triangle
What event cemented together the gay community as it had never been before?
The HIV/AIDS crisis of the 1980s
Which of the following is NOT part of the biological theory?
Learning factors
Having the belief that sexuality is something that must be expressed only privately, not publicly is a common value among which ethnic group in America?
Asian American
In regard to the causes of sexual orientation, biological explanations include hormone imbalance, prenatal factors, brain factors, and genetic factors.
A study of gay men indicated that those who concealed their identity had a significantly higher incidence of cancer and infectious diseases than those who did not conceal their identity.
No state in the United States recognizes gay marriage or civil unions.
Research consistently shows no difference between children raised in lesbian and gay families and those in heterosexual families.
Ritualized homosexual behavior serves social purposes in some societies.
Kinsey made an important scientific breakthrough when he chose to conceptualize homosexuality and heterosexuality as variations on a continuum rather than two separate categories.
Experts estimate that one in five people is exclusively homosexual.
Harvey Milk fought for gay rights throughout the state of California and was later assassinated.
Current federal laws prohibit gays from becoming parents.
In the past, homosexuality has been grounds for a dishonorable discharge from the military.
Research shows that a large percentage of homosexuals also are child molesters.
Bars for homosexuals are usually a mixed crowd of gay men and lesbian women.
During the Identity Tolerance stage, one seeks out homosexuals and makes contact with the gay subculture, hoping for affirmation.
According to the National Survey of Family growth, about 5 percent of men and 2 percent of women are exclusively homosexual in their sexual behavior and in their identity.
A tearoom refers to impersonal sexual acts in places like public rest rooms.