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The ability to enter some attributes in HTML without attribute values.
attribute minimization
A section within an XML document that contains unparsed character data.
CDATA section
The process by which bytes are translated into a character set.(vice-versa)
character encoding
A set of abstract symbols matched to code numbers
character set
The **** that is applied to the elements and attributes of an XML document by default
default namespace
A collection of rules that define the content and structure an XML document.
Document Type Definition
A **** that applies to only specified elements and attributes within an XML document
local namespace
A unique identifier for the elements and attributes of an XML document originating from a particular document type.
Text that will be examined by the XML parser for entities and markup
parsed character data
A character set containing thousands of characters used in langauges throughout the world.
A character set containing thousands of characters used in languages throughout the world.
Universal Character Set
Text that is not processed (parsed) by the browser or parser.
Unparsed Character Data
An XML document that is well-formed and satisfies the rules of DTD or schema.
valid document
An XML document that employs the correct syntax
well formed document
What are the rules of a well formed document?
* elements must be in lowercase
*elements must be properly nested
*All elements must be closed
*Empty elements must be terminated
* Attributes must be in lowercase
* attributes values must be qouted
*attributes must have values.
A program that checks XML document for errors in a syntax and content
XML Parser
This DTD supports many of the presentational features of HTML, deprecated elements and attributes. It is best used for older documents
Transitional DTD
This DTD is used for documents containing frames , and also supports deprecated elements.
frameset DTD
This DTD does not allow any presentional features or depracated HTML documents, and does not support frames or inline frames.
strict DTD
a data structure consisting of a group of elements that are accessed by indexing. In most programming languages each element has the same data type and this occupies a contiguous area of storage.