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why was bilbo so afraid when he regained conscienceness?
it was pitch black he couldnt hear see ot fell the ground
What does bilbo find has he crwls through the tunnel?
he finds a cold metal ring
Why was bilbo comforted by his dagger or sword?
he knew that goblins didnt like swords he felt a sense of protection
ho was biblo able to see in the dark?
the glimmer off of his sword or dagger
Why was biblo reluctant to wade in the water?
he couldnt swim
Who is gollum and where does he live?
a strange creature that lives in the dark on an island of rock in teh middle of the underground lake which is very slimey
What were the basic rules of th riddle game?
they both gave eachother riddles to figure out if gollum won he could eat bilbo if biblo won gollum had to show him the way to safety.
why did gollum hurry right past bilbo?
he had his ring
what was the power of gollums ring?
could be invisble and only be seen in direct sunlight
Explain how gollum accidently helps bilbo escape?
he follows gollum and then sees a door and found his way out
Why are the goblins reluctant to pursue bilbo baggins once he is outside?
the goblins dont like sunlight it makes there legs wobble