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German workers in the what went on strike in 1923?
Ruhr Valley
The what, the Nazi secret police, helped keep order in Germany.
Hitler believed his German government, or the what, would rule Europe for a thousand years.
Third Reich
THe 1935 what, revoked Jews' German citizenship
Nuremberg Laws
The democratic Weimar Repbulic was led by a what, or prime minister.
The Weimar Republic faced many severe problems, including
runaway inflation and many political parties
In Mein Kampf, Hitler wrote that Germany could return to power by
uniting all Germans into one nation
How did Hitler come to power in 1933?
by legal election
One Nazi goal was to
purify German culture
What was one reason authoritarian rule spread in Eastern Europe?
thier lack of experience with the democratic process
Why did the Kaiser abdicate as WWI came to a close?
the threat of a socialist revolution
What did Hitler promise?
to end reparations, create jobs, and defy the Versailles treaty by rearming Germany
Hitler was appointed what in 1933 though what legal matters?
chancellor through legal means under the Weimar Constitution.
Within a year after being appointed chancellor, what happened to Hitler?
he became a dictator of Germany, and Germany became a one- party state
What was the toalitarian rule?
Nazis controlled all of German life
What was "A night of broken Glass?"
Nov 9th and 10th, Nazi- led mobs attacked Jewish communties all over Germnay