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Slaves started to write there own spirituals from what and Why?

From Church hymes. They also used Hymes to work to a rytheme.


The coming together of Western African and Western European cultures (in terms of music, art, dance, language, religion, etc.) in North America


How American/ any culture is changed by Africans.

Example: Slaves singing Bible Hymes

Jazz originated around what time and where?

Around the 1860's
Became popular int the early 1900's

From areas like the Midwest, MO, OK, TX.


an early form of Jazz

Ragtime Heroes

Jelly Roll, Scott Joplin

Ragtime History

originally ragtime was played on guitars. Mining camps moved frequently so moving a piano was not practical. After work they would play guitar.
Then they would come back to cities like
St. Louis, New Orleans, etc.

Jelly Roll

was a Creaole (from a gentleman Class).

combined the Ragtime element to his classical piano training.

Characteristics of Ragtime

-Improve, but mostly played from sheet music.
-Mostly composed
-Has a specific form. Each rag has its own form. - - Not always the form in the text.
-lively, upbeat, danceable.
-mostly played for dancing.
-Its complex in a lot of forms.


playing off the beat

BLUES origins

- Liberated Slaves started the Blues
- Blues is an Afro American tradition that stemed from the deep south.
- Mississippi
- Alabama
- Louisiana

The classic Blues Period


Blues has is roots in...


Blues started with Slave Masters trying to force White tradition on to Slaves.
Slaves were allow to attend Church. So they learned Church hymes.
The hymes go through an Africanization.

The Song in Lec
Old Hanna

"Why dont you go down and not come up."
"If you come up, bring justice."
Slaves hated their lives so much that they do not
want to even wake up.
They are begging for "Judgement day."
either the Apoclypse, or there own Death.
The Slaves saw the irony of someone who believe's in God,
yet commit the Sin of owning Slaves.

Work Songs

Blues also came from the work. a form of Blues that came from communal suffering.

Longing for an old way of life.

What is the Blues all about?

If you need it explained you will never understand.

Blues is about Poverty, loss, broken romance, and general bad luck. Old country comes from Blues. Country Music is the Whitification of a Black Music Culture.
The Blues is a feeling.