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What was the Derbfine?
Celtic royal family
What was a Crannóg?
A Celtic settlement built on an artificial lake
What was a souterrain?
An underground passageway in a ringfort used to store food and valuables.
What was a promontory fort?
A ringfort on a cliff top
What methods do Archeologists use to pinpoint areas of significance (4)?
Aerial Photography
Geophysical surveys (metal detectors)
Field Walking
Local Knowledge
What was an oratory?
A small church
What were beehive huts?
Small stone huts where monks lived
What was filigree work?
The art of twisting and weaving gold wire
What was a Domus
A private house in Ancient Rome
What was a peristyle?
a walled garden at the rear of a Roman house
What were Insulae?
high rise flats in ancient Rome
What were Legionaries?
Soldiers in the Roman army
What was the Feudal System?
The system of land ownership in the Middle Ages
What was a fief?
An area of land which a king granted to a lord.
What was a motte?
A man-made hill on which a castle was built.
What was a Bailey?
The courtyard of a castle
What was a keep?
A large square tower
What was a Barbican?
A defensive gatehouse
What was an Almoner?
A monk that looked after visitors and distributed food to the poor
What was a patron?
Someone who pays for a work of art
What is latitude?
Distance from the equator
What was the Treaty of Torsedillas?
The agreement that divided the 'New World' between Spain and Portugal
What are lateen sails?
Triangular sails that allow ships to sail against the wind
What was a Quadrant?
An instrument that gives latitude by looking at the North Star
What was a Astrolabe
An instrument that gives latitude by looking at the sun in the sky
What does Conquistador mean?
"Soldier" in Spanish. Refers to someone who conquered the 'New World' for Spain
What was Simony?
The sale of jobs in the church
What was Nepotism?
The appointment of relatives to jobs in the church.
What was 'Auto de fé'?
An act of faith that often involved burning heretics at the stake
What was the Pale?
The strip of land between Bray and Dundalk controlled by the English
What was Black Rent?
Money demanded by the Gaelic Irish in return for not attacking the Pale
What was the Flight of the Earls and when did it happen?
When the Gaelic lords of Ulster left Ireland in 1607
What was Bawn?
A defensive stone yard built by planters during the Ulster Plantation
What was the Estates-General?
The French parliament
When was the Terror?
Summer 1792 to simer 1793
What was enclosure?
When farmers put fences around their land
What was a Bessemer Converter?
An invention that improved the quality of steel
What were Chartists?
People who wanted better treatment for the poor
What was the Franchise?
The right to vote in elections
Who were the Blackshirts?
Mussolini's squads
What was the Lateran Treaty?
A treaty between Mussolini and the Catholic Church in 1929
What was the Rome-Berlin Axis?
A friendly agreement signed by Italy and Germany in 1936
What was the Pact of Steel?
A military agreement between Italy and Germany in 1939.
What was the Enabling Law?
A law that allowed Hitler and the Nazi Party to rule without parliament for four years
When was kristallnacht?
What was Vichy France?
A Nazi puppet state in Southern France
What was Operation Overlord?
The invasion of Normandy on D-Day
When was D-Day?
June 6th 1944
What were the Flying Columns?
A group of IRA men who travelled the country attacking the police and army.
What was the Governor General?
The British King's representative in Ireland
Who set up Cumann na nGaedhal and when did they do it?
WT Cosgrave in 1923
Was Cumann na nGaedhal pro or anti treaty?
What were the Blueshirts?
The ACA under the control of Eoin O'Duffy