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Name the viceroys in India and the date to which they ruled between 1858 to 1900

Earl canning 1858-62

Earl of Elgin 1862-63

Sir John Lawrence 1864-64

Earl of mayo 1869-72

Lord Northbrook 1872-76

Earl of Dufferin 1880-84

Marquess of Landsdowne 1884-90

Define the term 'Raj'

A Hindi term, meaning 'king' or 'rule', formal British rule between 1858 and 1947 became known as the British Raj.

In order of most powerful to least powerful, name the order of the administrative and power hierarchy in India.

-Queen-Empress or King-Emperor

-Secretarty of state for India and the Indian council.


-indian civil service / provincial governor / legislative council

-Native princes / British residents / Provincial Legisaltive council

-District officers

-Local officials and local councils

How was India ruled before 1858 and explain the role of the East India Company.

-Originally, the expansion of British influence of India had been overseen by the British East India company.

-The East India company had granted an exclusive right to control trade (monopoly) in Asia. The company would rule India after it Robert Clive defeated France in 1757 and ruled till 1858. However the company would become corrupt and aggressively expansionist, so provoking the Indian mutiny in 1857.

What would be the terms in the government India act of 1858

-East India company terrorties would be passed to the queen

-The Secretary state for India, a cabinet post, would be created. The Secretary of state would exercise the powers and duties performed by the directors from the EIC

-The Indian Council, a council of 15 members, would be set up in assisting the Secretary of India and act as a advisory body.

-Viceroy would replace the EIC's general-governors.

-Indian Civil service was placed under the control of the Secretary of state.

What was the impact of the 1857 India mutiny on the Briths?

-The attempt to control a mutiny of Indian sepoys would hit the British hard, the muninty lasting a year and resulting in thousands of British deaths.

-However, the British troops being dispatched the India showed how important it was to the British

-India would be passed onto the British government as to prevent another uprising.

-queen Victoria informed the India: "we desire to show our mercy, by pardoning the offences of those who have been thus mislead."

Define a 'Sepoy'

An Indian soldier servicing in the east India company army

Define the 'viceroy'.

a ruler exercising authority on behalf of the sovereign.

When and why was queen Victoria was named 'Empress of India'?

-1st January 1877, she was made Empress of India as a symbol to both Britain and India of British domination.

-However, the queen would never visit India, yet her title acted as a reminder of British imperial power.

What are the basic administrative functions performed by the officials?

-The collection of taxes

-Maintance of law and order

-running of the courts - the legal system would be developed as the old East Indian Company Courts were merged with Crown Courts and English Law prevailed.

When was the Indian National Congress set up?


Why were Indian troops sometimes deliberately sent abroad?

As to listen the risk of rebellion in India. An example of this was during the second opium war in China, where in late 1859, 10,000 Indian troops would be sent to Shanghai.

-in 1882, 7,000 would be sent to to Egypt to suppress Colonial Arab Pastas revolt.