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The primary goal of wellness is the ability to achieve....
the highest possible quality of life
The aspect of personal health that is most within your control is...
true or false
individual choice is the only factor governing a person's ability to live a healthy lifestyle
The stages of change model of health behavior change emphasizes that. ..
change happens as a process
true or false
in the United states, poor health outcomes are associated with environmental pollution, low educational attainment, and poverty
the best type of website which to research health issues is one that is sponsored by an...
educational institution
true or false
Three of the top ten current health concerns in the United states are substance abuse, immunization, and mental health
which of the following statements about health risk is false?
all health risks can be avoided
true or false
men experience more stress than women do.
what is the biggest challenge facing health care in the United states?
true or false
most people are more motivated by the long term benefits of health behavior change than by the short term benefits
what is the purpose of creating a family health tree?
to discover your personal health risks and strengths
true or false
genetics cannot distinguish one rave of people from another
what information found in a family health tree indicates that a decrease might have a generic link?
a family member with multiple cancers
which of the following statements about chromosomes is false?
different cell types contain different chromosomes
true or false
ethnicity is synonymous with race
when a change occurs in a gene, it is called a
true or false
research suggests that our personality traits ate inherited at conceptions
research studies have shown that genes may affect human behavior. according to this research, which of the following statements is false?
there is no clear genetic role in addiction
Which of the following mental disorders is known to have a genetic component?
Bipolar disorder
True or false
The risk of a child receiving the same genetic mutation from both parents is higher if both parents share the same ethnic background
The basic premise of Maslow's hierarchy of needs theory is that people will pursue their highest potential when
Their basic needs are met
True or false
The complete set of DNA is called a person's genetic identity
A sense of self sufficiency means that you believe you are
In control of your circumstances
true or false
People addicted to sex the internet or shopping experience at your for a similar to that experience from drug use
Is a style of coping with stress that features a positive outlook a sense of commitment in a sense of control
According to the National College health assessment blank percent of college students have considered suicide
true or false
Executive functions of the brain including planning and organizing are not fully developed until the early to mid 20
When a person with physiological the pendant on a substance needs a higher and higher doses to achieve a high that person's experiencing
true or false
IQ is one of the best predictors of success in life
An achievement orientation is associated with which personality type
Type a
A person suffering from depression commonly experiences
Your brain is not fully developed until you reach your
Early 20
the highest level of maslows needs hierarchy is characterized by
a state of transcendence and we'll being
True or false hostility is related to coronary heart disease and premature death
Kathleen sister passed away 6 months ago recently kathleen has been imagining herself having conversations with her sister as if she were still alive what phase of bereavement is she most likely experiencing
true or false
So far a majority of physical and mental health studies have found a direct relationship between religious involvement in better health outcomes
Research has found that religious involvement in spirituality are often associated with
Enhance immune functioning
True or false donating money is associated with the same health benefits as volunteer work that involves direct contact
Central sleep apnea
Rare condition in which the brain fails to regulate the diaphragm and other breathing mechanism correctly
Sleep disorder in which the timing quality and or quantity of sleep are disturbed
Sleep disorders in which psychological functioning or behavior during sleep is disturbed
Sleep deprivation
Lack of sleep that disturbs the restorative process of sleep
A condition characterized by difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep or by seriously disturbed sleep
Nocturnal eating disorder
characterized by periods of binge eating while sleeping
Characterized by frequent irrisistible sleeping
Restless legs syndrome
Characterized by disagreeable sensations in the limbs usually the legs
Sleepwalking disorder
Person rise out of an apparently deep sleep and acts as if awake
Masturbating fondling or actual intercourse with a non consenting person while asleep
true or false
an individual can only grant a durable power of attorney for health care to his or her legal spouse
Bereavement typically involves four phases which of the following is NOT one of the four phases
True or false research has shown that religious people are less likely to consider suicide then are people in the general population
The goal of hospice is to
Improved the quality of a petition last days by providing comfort and dignity
True or false socially engaged individuals maintain cognitive function in old
According to elizabeth Kubler Ross, when a person believes he or she is in the process of dying here she passes through feisty which of the following is the linear order originally presented by Kubler Ross
Denial and isolation anger bargaining depression acceptance
True or false organized religion and spirituality are synonymous
In comparison with general public religious people
Are likely to receive support from others
True or false melatonin is naturally secreted by the pineal gland in response to darkness it lowers body temperature and causes drowsiness
Meditation and prayer in combination with traditional medical treatments are reported to decreased
chronic pain
True or false one should avoid eating heavy meals within 3 hours of bedtime particularly meals with high fat content
Which of the following statements about spirituality is false
Spirituality requires participation in organized religion
True or false and individual napping more than 45 minutes will be less groggy than an individual napping 15 to 45
True or false vigorous exercise just before sleep raises an individual score body temperature and induces drowsiness and deeper sleep
true or false
The structure of sleep is essentially the same for men and women
the human cycles into two main states of sleep. they include:
NE sleep and REMOTE sleep
true or false
Sleeping one hour less than your body needs each night for a week feels to your body like staying up all night
True or false typically an individual experiences 4 to 5 sleep cycle each night
True or false sleep latency is one of the remote side effects of ambien
True or false people who smoke one pack of cigarettes a day has been shown to sleep more deeply than nonsmokers
True or false the National Sleep Foundation recognizes imidazopyridines oz the best prescriptive sleeping aid
True or false most young adults have a circadian rhythm that tells them to fall asleep later in the evening and to wake up earlier in the morning then older adults
True or false providing energy for the nervous system are function of water
True or false Energy Drink should always be consumed immediately after a vigorous workout
The main purpose of protein is to
Build and maintain body tissue
True or false fats are the principal form of stored energy in the body
True or false vitamin water contains about as many calories as a soft drink
The Asian food pyramid emphasizes link the least as it found at the top of the pyramid
True or false up to 75% of dietary sodium comes from salt added to processed and fast food
True or false bottled water sold within the same state in which it was retrieved exempt from FDA inspection
True or false they could be harmful if consumed in excessive or at the wrong time about energy drink
True or false foodborne illnesses are most commonly caused by microbes in foods
True or false sweat contains electrolytes and heavy sweating can cause electrolyte deficiency
True or false the label organic means that all contents are organic
Free radicals
Oxygen in the body is metabolized to produce unstable molecules which can damage cell DNA
True or false about 60 percent of processed foods now sold contain a genetically modified ingredients
American College of Sports Medicine recommendations for physical activity including minimum of
75 minutes of vigorous intensity exercise a week
True or false so USDA recommends Americans consume two servings of fish per week
True or false carbohydrates are the only source of energy for brain cells
Pilates one of the most popular training exercises taught in health club today is most strongly associated with which type of exercise training
Core strength
True or false sedentary lifestyle has been associated with 28% of deaths from the leading chronic diseases including cancer heart disease osteoporosis diabetes high blood pressure and obesity
Target heart rate
The in between point at which you are stressing your cardiovascular system for optimal benefit but not overloading the system
Cardiorespiratory fitness
Increases the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood and decreases the resting heart rate
Skill related fitness
Ability to perform specific skills associated with various sports and leisure activities
Cross training
Participation in one sport to improve performance in another
Core strength training
Strength training that conditions the body torso from the neck to the lower back
For a person who's trying to lose weight what is the pound per week healthy
1 to 2 pounds
True or false aerobic fitness has been shown to prevent or slow down the loss of cognitive functions associated with advanced aging
True or false the American College of Sports Medicine does not recommend physical activity for people with disabilities
True or false women who walk for hours a week reduce the risk of premature death by 31 percent
For individuals achieving a healthy body weight for the life depends on mainly
True or false one shade in hell when muscles are relaxed and XL when initiating the lifting or push off action in resistance training
True or false gay men have the same rights of eating disorders as heterosexual men
You are fall the growing availability of unhealthy food is the greatest influence on the growth of weight problems in America
True or false aerobic fitness has no known that if its in preventing or slowing the loss of cognitive function associated with advancing age
Abdominal fat is considered a greater threat to health and hip and thigh fat because adominal fat is more easily entering the bloodstream
True or false anorexia nervosa in men has no effect on testosterone levels sex drive and diminish in testicle size
Obesity is defined as having a body mass index higher than
True or false studies have found an association between television watching and overweight in children youth and adults
Disordered eating
Abnormal eating patterns that may not fit the rigid diagnostic rules for anorexia or bulimia but have an effect on the quality of life
Bulimia nervosa
An eating disorder that involves repeated episodes of binge eating usually followed by purging in the form of self induced vomiting misuse of diuretics or laxatives over exercising or fasting
Binge eating disorder
An eating disorder in which the person eats huge amounts of food without vomiting or purging
Eating disorder
A disturbance in eating that jeopardizes the physical and psychological health of an individual
Anorexia nervosa
An eating disorder marked by distortion of body image and refusal to maintain a minimally normal body weight
True or false the way parents think about it manages his or her own body image and we will have an impact on how his or her child will address these issues
What is one of the most serious long term side effects of severe calorie restriction in women
True or false experiments have shown that price and incentives have no effect on food behavior
True or false embarrassment is one of the most common reasons for individuals wanting a tattoo removed
individuals with eating disorders share many of the same thought patterns of people with what condition
True or false in general men are more satisfied with their body size and appearance than women
True or false culture has a direct effect on your body
True or false food served in restaurants and fast food outlets tend to be higher and fat and total calories than food prepared at home
One drink is defined by the National Institute on alcohol abuse and alcoholism is how many ounces of alcohol
True or false smoking reduces the effectiveness of some medications particularly anti-anxiety drugs and penicillin
What is something that does not increase absorption of alcohol
What is something that does not slow down the absorption of alcohol in the blood stream
True or false lower target cigarettes are safer than regular cigarettes
Death can result from alcohol intoxication beginning at what blood alcohol level content
0. 35
true or false an ovum is most likely to become fertilized within 24 hours after release from the ovary
What percent of smoking it's estimated to play in a roll of cancer death
True or false the risk of smoking-related heart attack can fall by half within a year
True or false the first phase of alcoholic liver disease fatty liver can be reversed with about 30 days absence
What is the most commonly used illicit drug among persons aged 12 and older
True or false cigars have more tobacco and nicotine per unit then do cigarettes
Probably the most popular psychoactive drug is
True or false cocaine effects appear almost immediately after single dose and disappear within a few minutes or hours
True or false drug abuse rates are lower among college graduates than among those with a high school diploma
What type of drugs has no role in healthcare
True or false more than three-quarters of the people in jail have been incarcerated for drug offense
Also called tranquilizers
altered states of perception and feeling
Also called downers powerful sedative that produce pleasant feelings of relaxation when first ingested
Caffeine is the most popular drug of the sort
Provide pain relief euphoria and drowsiness
Which of the following makes it more likely that to people develop a romantic relationship
Women are twice as likely as men are to have a sexual affair during marriage
The avoidance or abstention can sexual activities with others is called
True or false smoking increases the risk of death from birth control pills
Sexual behaviors such as voyeurism pedophilia and exhibitionism are considered
mental disorders
true or false marijuana smoke contains more carcinogens than tobacco smoke
True or false pasta condoms are thinner stronger and less constricting than latex
True or false the combination of Viagra or other ED drugs with alcohol can be life-threatening
Sexual component of love
The decision aspect of a loving relationship
Consummate love
Love with intimacy and commitment but no passion
Romantic love
Love with intimacy and passion but no commitment
True or false the purpose of safer sex is to prevent the exchange of partners body fluids during sex
True or false barrier methods of conception include all of the following EXCEPT a vaginal ring
True or false the only guaranteed method of preventing pregnancy is absence
Ovulation typically occurs how many days before the menstrual period begins
True or false about half of all pregnancies in United States are unintended
true or false mifepristone can be used during the first 16 weeks of
True or false firm survives for 24 hours in cervical mucus
Having a sense of identity as a male or female that conflicts with one's biological sex
Gender identity
One's internal sense of being male or female
Gender role
set of behaviors and activities a person engages in to conform to society's expectations of his or her sex
Condition in which the genitals are ambiguous at birth
Sexual orientation
A person's emotional romantic and sexual attraction to a member of the same sex the other sex or both
True or false one ounce or less of alcohol daily has been identified as a faith level of alcohol consumption during pregnancy
An ectopic pregnancy is potentially a life-threatening condition
More than half of the people in jail have been incarcerated for drug offenses
True or false when an individual has high blood pressure his or her heart must work harder than normal to circulate blood
Congestive heart failure
When the heart muscle is no longer able to pump blood efficiently
A dilated part of the blood vessel that is not as strong as the surrounding portions and can burst open
Hemorrhagic stroke
The rupture of a blood vessel in the release of blood into the brain tissue
Intermittent pain pressure heaviness or tightness of the chest caused by and narrowed coronary artery
Myocardial infarction
Lack of blood to the heart muscle which result in death of heart tissue often called a heart attack
True or false exercise moderate alcohol and estrogen can all increase high-density lipoprotein HDL
True or false most people do not experience palpitations or irregular beats unless there's some underlying serious heart condition
During what should tackle procedure is a balloon catheter threaded into the narrow area of a closed vessel and inflated to stretch the vessel open again
An electrocardiogram ekg is used to visualize what
Electrical activity in the heart
high blood levels of amino acid has been linked to increased risk of coronary artery disease and stroke
homo cysteine
True or false the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases increase proportionally with your number of sexual partners
The optimal range of blood pressure level is
Systolic less than 120 diastolic less than 80
A blood clot that develops at a distance site and then travel to a blood vessel or becomes lodged in blocks blood flow is called
true or false all symptoms occur in all cases they are just not always recognize
True or false: once an individual contract herpes simplex virus here she is infected for life
The leading cause of death in United States is
Cardiovascular disease
The right ventricle of the heart
Pump oxygen poor blood to the lungs
cases of staphylococcus aureus MRsa have been associated with receiving tattoos
How many chambers does the heart have
Proteins that bind to specific antigens and trigger events that destroy them
Single celled organisms that can be found in almost all environments
White blood cells that ingest substances including cells and viruses that have been marked as foreign by the body defenses or are missing markers that identify them as belonging to the body
The two main groups are T cells and B cells
A section of protein capable of provoking an immune reaction often part of the outer covering of an infectious organism
After an infection or immunisation memory cells develop and can lead to rapid response if the same organism is encountered by the body again the person is said to have
True or false recent sexual activity is one risk factor for developing a urinary tract infection
A vaccine is currently available to prevent hepatitis C
The main factors believed to influence bacterial resistance are
Frequency of resistance genes among bacteria and antibiotic overuse
True or false 50% of antibiotics prescribed in the US clinics are believed to be unnecessary
What is the most common infectious disease worldwide
The most common sexually transmitted disease in the United States is
human papillomavirus HPV
True or false viruses are able to replicate and multiply on their own
Which of the following situations has not been shown to transmit HIV between individuals
Casual contact such as holding hands or hugs
Hepatitis C most severely effects which area of the body
True or false the American Cancer Society recommends no memory games for women over age
What is a leading skin for changes in moles which of the following is not a characteristic to be considered about
True or false diagnostic imaging by x-ray now uses the lowest dose is required to obtain clear images to prevent cancer growth years after treatment
What SPF should you wear to reduce sun exposure
True or false although there are two types of ultraviolet rays only UVB rays cause skin cancer
Tanning Lance I meant mostly UVA radiation that is associated with signs of skin aging such as wrinkling and sagging in addition which of the following skin cancers have been associated with
Melanoma basal cell and squamous cell
Which cancer is the second most common cause of cancer death in men and the most commonly diagnosed cancer in men
Prostate cancer
True or false certain risk factors can predict whether or not an individual will get cancer
True or false the most important feature in determining how well you will do if you've been diagnosed with a certain type of cancer is whether or not the cancer has spread beyond the original site
The leading cause of cancer death is attributed to what type of cancer
T true or false sunburns during adulthood seem to be most strongly associated with melanoma
True or false the strongest risk factor of ovarian cancer is family history
True or false school backpack should not weigh more than 10 to 20 percent of a person's body
The most common form of cancer is a large category of cancers that originate from epithelial tissue or epithelium
What determines which type of cancer individual is diagnosed with
The tissue in which a cancer originates or the primary site
True or false cancer develops from a single cell that goes awry
True or false early stages of breast cancer cannot be detected by mammogram
Violence directed against persons or property for the purpose of instilling fear and helplessness is called
True or false drivers under the age of 20 are the most likely to be involved in distraction related crashes
Which of the following statements about sexual assaults is false
Most sexual assault victims are over the age of 21
True or false: finding and removing polyps prevents colon cancer from developing
Who are the following are most likely to be victims of child abuse
True or false of women raped in the United States only about 10% know their assailant
Which of the following statements about stalking patterns in United States is false
Most victims of stalking do not know there stalker
A common cause of death from hazing is alcohol poisoning
Which term describes deliberate mental or physical discomfort embarrassment or ridicule imposed as a requirement for joining in organization
Prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in men
Which of the following statements about violent crimes is true
Violence is more common on college campuses than in the general population
The death rate of choking is highest among children under 4 years of age and adults over 65 years of age
The level of family violence against children and adults with disabilities is higher than the that against other family
What causes the majority of back injuries
Poor lifting techniques
What is the most common causes of injury visits an emergency room for younger children and older adults
The American Academy of Pediatrics has concluded that there is no connection between violence in mass media and increases in aggressive behavior in children
Suggestions for safe gun use in storage includes all the following EXCEPT
When hunting in groups of hunters should walk in single file behind one another
slapping a friend on the back when he has partial airway obstruction is the best way to dislodge the foreign objects
Children under what age should ride in the backseat
The highest motor vehicle related death rates occur in teens aged 19
Vehicle child hyperthermia death can occur when the temperature outside is as low as 70 degrees Fahrenheit
Which of the following statements about diets effect on cancer is false
Fruits and vegetables rich in carotenoids appear to decrease the risk of cancer