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What emotional characteristic makes an individual more likely to engage in risky behaviors?

sensation seeking

Adolescents who are convicted of crimes become part of the _________ justice system, whereas adults convicted of the same crimes are part of the ________ justice system.

juvenile; criminal

Evaluations of mentoring programs have indicated that:

the success of the mentoring program depends on characteristics of the mentor, the mentee, and the relationship between the two.

Generalizing from information taught in class, the children who are most likely to think of themselves as being "off schedule" with respect to their physical development are girls who mature _____ and boys who mature _____.

early; late

Which of the following is not true for adolescents who have been exposed to violence?

they are less likely to experience feelings of hopelessness

Which of the following is not an example of the contemporary version of scarification?

brushing teeth

Teenagers may become self-conscious because they believe that people are talking about them. Which characteristic are they exhibiting?

an imaginary audience

The Bas Mitzvah, the confirmation, and the quincea–era are all examples of:

initiation ceremonies.

Which of the following is not one of the five chief changes in cognition during adolescence?

increased imagination

Which of the following characteristics is NOT associated with being an early-maturing boy?

fewer problem behaviors

The term puberty refers to the period during which:

an individual becomes capable of sexual reproduction.

One discrepancy in the way that society treats adolescence is that courts have ruled that teenagers have the right to obtain ________; however, the courts have also upheld laws forbidding adolescents to obtain _____.

contraceptives; cigarettes or vulgar magazines

The messages that contemporary society sends adolescents are:

unclear and inconsistent.

Typically, the social redefinition of young people occurs in groups of peers who are approximately the same age, known as:


Today, people go through ______ earlier than 100 years ago, but tend to stay in ______ longer.

puberty; school

When calculating individual performance on an IQ test, a child who was of average intelligence would have an IQ score of:


Which of the following was not a result of industrialization?

less time in school

Jesse is in the seventh grade at a school that has open classrooms with multiple teachers instructing their classes in one large area. Which of the following cognitive processes will help Jesse focus on his teacher?

selective attention

The physical transformation from child to adult is called:


Which of the following can delay the onset of puberty?

~excessive exercise
~nutritional deficiencies

Which of the following is NOT one of the areas of fundamental change in adolescence?


The average girl in the United States reaches _________, the time of her first menstrual period, sometime between the ages of 12 and 13.


Which of the following is not thought to contribute to the onset of puberty?

the development of primary sex characteristics

Adolescents who score higher than their peers on an IQ test will probably

Continue to score higher than their peers on future IQ tests

Compared to children and adults, adolescents:

engage in a greater amount of risky behaviors in the real world.