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Mad as

Mad as the sea and wind

He weeps

He weeps for what he has done

How dangerous

How dangerous is it that this man goes loose!

As we dearly

As we dearly grieve for that which thou hast done must send thee hence with fiery quickness

I see a

I see a cherub that sees them

The present

The present death if hamlet

Till I know

Till I know tis done howeer my haps my joys were never begun

Of thinking

If thinking too precisely on the event

How stand I

How stand I them that I have a father killed a mother stained excitements if my reason and my blood and let all sleep?

He which hath

That he which hath your noble father slain pursued my life

And so have I a noble father lost a sister driven into desperate terma

And so have i noble father lost a sister driven into desperate terma

But my revenge will come

But my revenge will come

I will work him to

I will work him to an exploit now ripe in my device under the which he shall not choose but fall

My lors

My lord I will be ruled

And gave

And gave you such a masterly report

Laertes was your father

Laertes was your father dear to you or are you like the painting of a sorrow a face without a heart?

That we would

That we would do we should do when we would

A sword unbated

A sword umbated and in a pass of practice requite him for your father

I'll have prepared him

I'll have prepared him a chalice for the nonce whereon but sipping if he by chance escape your venomed stuck our purpose may hold there