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Which of the following passwords is best to use on a system containing highly sensitive information?


Which of the following is a technique you can use to help secure a wireless network? (Choose all that apply.)

MAC address filtering AND WPA2

Which of these protocols is used for VPNs? (Choose all that apply.)


How do VPNs accomplish the “private” part of a virtual private network?


Which of the following terms refers to attacking a Web server by forcing it to respond to a flood of ping packets so that the server can’t respond to normal traffic?


Which of the following is a guideline for creating a security policy?

A security policy should be enforceable.

Which of the following is a component of a security policy? (Choose all that apply.)

Authentication policy AND Privacy policy

Which of the following questions must be answered before determining what level of security a network requires? (Choose all that apply.)

What’s being protected? AND From whom should data be protected?

Which of the following should be a common element in any level of security policy? (Choose all that apply.)

Backup procedures AND Virus protection

Which phrase from the following list best completes this sentence? If there’s access to the equipment, there’s no ______.

physical security

Which of the following is a requirement for rooms housing network servers?

Adequate cooling

Which procedure specifies what resources users can access and the tasks they can perform on a network?


If you want to allow a blank password on a Windows computer, which of the following do you set the password minimum length to?

0 (zero)

If you want to prevent password guessing to foil intruders, you should enable which of the following?

Account lockout

Which authentication protocol is used in a Windows domain environment?


Which of the following is a credential category? (Choose all that apply.)

Knowledge AND Inherence AND Possession

Which of the following is a method IPsec uses to authenticate the identity of communicating devices? (Choose all that apply.)

Kerberos AND Digital certificates

To encrypt data stored on a hard drive on a Windows Server computer, you should use which of the following?


Fire walls can filter packets based on which of the following? (Choose all that apply.)

Source address AND Protocol

If network administrators want to be informed when an attempt has been made to compromise the network, what should they use?


Which VPN mode should you use if you want to establish a secure tunnel between a main office and a branch office?


Where’s a common place to install an NIDS?

In the DMZ

What device should you consider installing if you want countermeasures to take place when an attack is detected?


In which of the following areas does a WAN differ from an internet work? (Choose all that apply.)

WANs use service providers for the network connection AND WANs use serial communication technologies that can span miles.

Which of the following is a device used to make WAN connections? (Choose all that apply.)


Which of the following best describes a digital signal?

A series of binary values

For what purpose is a CSU/DSU used?

Creates a digital connection between a LAN device and the WAN link

Which of the following is a common WAN connection method? (Choose all that apply.)

Circuit switched AND Packet switched

Which of the following is true about ISDN?

It uses a terminal adapter to connect to the network.

Which of the following is a typical situation in which leased lines should be considered?(Choose all that apply.)

24/7 access is required AND Fast upstream and downstream communications are needed.

Which of the following combines several communication streams into a single faster communication stream?


Which physical topology does SONET readily support? (Choose all that apply.)

Point-to-point AND Star AND Ring

Which of the following technologies uses packet-switching? (Choose all that apply.)

Frame relay AND X.25

Which of the following technologies provides permanent virtual circuits? (Choose all that apply.)

Frame relay AND X.25

Which technology uses 53-byte cells?


To maintain security, WAN connections over the Internet should use which of the following?


What type of device is required to connect to a dedicated digital communication line?


Which term best describes the place in a WAN connection where the customer’s responsibility ends and the provider’s responsibility begins?

Demarcation point

Which of the following places data on the local loop?


Which of the following is the equipment at the customer site that’s the responsibility of the customer?


Which of the following is a VPN protocol supported by Windows remote access? (Choose all that apply.)


Which of the following is a component of the PPP protocol? (Choose all that apply.)

Link control protocol AND NCP

Which of the following can best be described as developing applications by using a service provider’s development tools and infrastructure?

Hosted platforms

Which wireless WAN technology has a standard for fixed and mobile devices?


Which wireless WAN technology might not be suitable for voice applications because of latency?