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Types of Governmental Funds
-Special Revenue
-Debt Service
-Capital Projects
Types of Proprietary Funds
-Internal Service
Types of Fiduciary Funds
-Pension and other employee trust funds
-Investment trust funds
-Private-purpose trust funds
Government-Wide Financial Statements (What Statements?)
-Statement of Net Assets
-Statement of Activities
Governmental Funds (What Statements?)
-Balance Sheet
-Statement of Revenues, Expenditures, and Changes in Fund Balances
Proprietary Funds (What Statements?)
- Statement of Net Assets (or Balance Sheet)
- Statements of Revenues, Expenses, and Changes in Fund Net Assets (or Fund Equity)
-Statement of Cash Flows
Fiduciary Funds
- Statement of Fiduciary Net Assets
- Statement of Changes in Fiduciary Net Assets
Required Supplementary Information (RSI) other than MD&A (What does it include?)
-Schedule of Funding Progress (for Entities Reporting Pension Trust Funds)
-Schedule of Employer Contributions (for Entities Reporting Pension Trust Funds)
-Budgetary Comparison Schedules
-Information about Infrastructure Assets (for Entities Reported Using the Modified Approach)
- Claims Development Information When the Government Sponsors a Public Entity Risk Pool
Primary government
A state governements, general-purpose local government, or a special-purpose local government that has a separately elected governing body, is legally separate, and is fiscally independent of other state or local governments
Component Unit
A legally separate organization for which elected officials of a primary government are financially accountable, or for which the nature and significance of their relationships with a primary government is such that omission would cause the primary government's financial statements to be misleading
Statement of Net Assets (Government-wide Financial Statements) Categorizes "net assets" into what three categories?
1. Invest in capital assets, net of related debt
2. Restricted
3. Unrestricted