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What is the feature model?
Anything on a map can be defined as points, lines and areas (polygons)
What are the typical components of a GIS?
Image processing, Statistical programs, GIS, DEMS, CAD
What is the difference between GIS and a regular CAD program?
GIS has a database and the ability to overlay multiple layers.
What are the 3 different map scales?
1) Representative fraction (1:1000)
2) Verbal (1"=10 miles)
3) Graphical ( I------------I = 10 miles)
What is the difference between large and small scale? (Which has more detail)
Larger scale means less area, more detail.
Small scale means more area, less detail.
What is the use of different projections?
You can only represent area, distance or angles. You can't piece together maps with more than one.
What are the coordinate systems?
-Geographic coordinates (longitude/latitude)
-Universal Transverse Mercator systems (UTM)
-State Plane
A GIS package should be able to move between...
-map projections,
-coordinate systems,
-datums, and
What is longitude/latitude (Geographic coordinates), and what are some things you should know about them?
-It is a coordinate system
-They're universal, they have meridians and parallels, they're geocoded as minutes and seconds.(60 mins in each degree, 60 secs in a min.), no worries about boundaries, and are able to study large areas
What is UTM zone, and what should you know about it?
-It is a coordinate system
-Measured in meters, XY locations given as easting and northing, false origins at 500,000 meters east of central zone meridian, 60 zones in the world, 6 degrees each, base is the equator, great distance measures, easy to measure area, good for landscape/regional studies
What is SPC, and what are some things you should know about it?
-State plane is a coordinate system
-Use Feet, also known as cartesian coordinate system, Values given as easting and northing, easy area measurements, good for municipal or county studies.
Points, lines, polygons. Useful for multiple attributes.
What should resolution be?
Rows and columns. Problem because you need a layer for each attribute.
-Resolution should be half the size of the thing you want to see
What are the 2 kinds of data models?
Raster and Vector
What is a data model?
A definition of how the computer will store and represent geographic data
What are the two types of vector?
Shapefile - stores data in multiple files
Geodatabase - relates graphical features to an internal database (stores data in same file???)
What is the difference between georelational and object-based data?
Object-based (geodatabase) is faster to use.
What are the different types of data?
-Interval: Known intervals between values (mode, median, mean, st. dev.)
-Ratio: Known interval between values, no natural zero (mode, median, mean, st. dev.)
-Ordinal: ordered (mode, median)
-Nominal: Categorical (mode)
History of GIS
-Jacqueline Tyrwhitt - first to described manual map overlay in 1950.
-GIS's roots lie in thematic cartography
-GIS significantly altered by the PC and the workstation
-During the 1980's, new GIS software could better exploit more advanced hardware
Where did GIS come from?
Geography, cartography, computer science, and mathematics
What are metadata?
Data about the data - separate from database, and feature database
-contain attribute data
What are some basic components of metadata?
-how it was acquired
-copywrite info
What is a funny geography saying?
Don't duck metadata
How many kids does the professor have?
3, oldest is 15
What would the professor do if he wasn't a professor?
Own a tackle shop
Who are the professor's 2 favorite teams?
BYU and Florida
What is the difference between spatial and non spatial data?
Spatial shows where the data is at, while non spatial just gives it an identifying number or something
Attribute Terms
Field - a specific attributes, stored in columns
Record - all the attributes about 1 feature
What are some map elements?
Title, legend, scale, credits, mapped/unmapped areas, borders, symbols, names/labeling
What is the map that has contour lines?
An Isoline map
What map is one that you explain from your memory?
mental maps
What is the map where the areas are drawn larger/smaller in proportion according to the phenomenon being shown?
What is a map that shows proportional points of different sizes
graduated circle maps
What is GIS?
IT consists of a database, map information, and computer based link between them
What are two important improvements?
1) Ability to keep georeferenced data current
2) ability to integrate multiple data sets efficiently
In a database, what are the columns and rows?
Columns are attributes, rows are actual objects
What is the difference between joining and relating tables?
Joining is permanent, and uses a key field. Relating is not permanent.
What is the map that uses different shades to show an amount or population of a certain area compared to others?