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Young plan

Cut reperations from 6.6 billion to 2 billion and 59 years to pay- strengthened the economy

Weimar constitution

Official democracy start of the Weimar Republic

Kapp Putsch

Overthrow the republic and bring back kaiser made up of expects of army

Sparticist uprising

Communist party that was stopped by ex pacts of army

Ruhr crisis

The French were salty cause the Germans didn't pay their money back asap so they sent themselves into Ruhr where all the iron and stuff was and tried to take over while everyone else was like nah and went on strike

Munich putsch

During a meeting butler surrounded the building with SS officers and forced kahr, seisser, and lossow to sign a form that said they supported Hitler's. However hitler left so the army came and rekt everyone

Dawes plan

Made a loan to us for 800 mil to promote economic growth

Locarno pact

Signed with allies to kee the OG borders but kick out the troops in Rhineland

Reichstag fire

It was lit... communist guy caught LUBE and that promoted. nazi

Nights of long knives

Hitler killed everyone who was a threat to him


Hitler's non uniform body guards