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What was the bay of pigs?
The Bay of Pigs Invasion was an unsuccessful attempt by United States-backed Cuban exiles to overthrow the government of the Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. It was April 1961, and the USA got around 1300 exiles to land on the Bay of Pigs, on the southern coast of Cuba. But it was stopped by Castro's army. After the two days, it stopped, but made Castro be wary of the USA.
What was Yalta and Potsdam Conferences for?
The Yalta and Potsdam Conferences were called in to help the Allies decide on what would happen to Europe, especially German after WW2 ended.
Who were the Allies in Yalta?
Yalta: Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin.

Potsdam: Attlee, Truman, Stalin
The comparisons for the agreements with Yalta and Potsdam
1) Yalta wanted Germany to be split into four zones, but Potsdam had a disagreement because of the details of the boundaries between the zones.
2) Yalta- Germany had to pay reparations, but Potsdam had some "disagreements about the amount of reparations Russia wanted to take. They agreed that Russia could take whatever it wanted from the Soviet zone, and 10 per cent of the industrial equipment of the western zones, but Britain and the US thought this was too much. " BBC bitesize History
3) Yalta- A government of national unity to be set up in Poland, which would be made up of both communists and non-communists, but in Potsdam, Truman was angry with Stalin because he arrested the non-communist leaders of Poland.
4) Yalta- That there would be f ree elections in the countries of eastern Europe, which was called the Declaration of Liberated Europe. With Potsdam- America and Britain were alarmed because communists were coming to power in Eastern Europe.
5) Yalta- That Russia would help against Japan when Germany was defeated. Potsdam- Truman dropped the atomic bomb so that Japan would surrender before Russian troops could go into Japan. America had the bomb in July 1945, but Truman did not tell Stalin about it, and Stalin was very angry.
The Iron Curtain by Churchill in Fulton, Missouri
Churchill had a speech, called the Iron Curtain at Fulton, Missouri, at March 1946. During the speech, Churchill said that there was Churchill said that behind an Iron Curtain were all the capitals of central and Eastern Europe, and that they were under the control of Moscow and blamed the USSR (The Russians) because of this.
What was the Truman Doctrine?
The Truman Doctrine was set up by Harry S. Truman on March, 1947. Basically President Truman said that they would provide both economical and military aid for those countries that were in danger because of the communists, such as Greece and Turkey.
What was the