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How far away is Cuba from Florida?

Approximately 900 miles.

Who replaced Batista after the Cuban Revolution?

Fidel Castro

Why did Kruschev underestimate JFK?

As the youngest ever president of the US, Kruschev saw Kennedy as untested and inexperienced, possibly believing he would collapse under pressure.

Who ruled Cuba up to 1959?

General Batista- a figurehead for the USA and in some Cuban's eyes a symbol of American control.

Who supported General Batista, and why?

Batista was supported by the USA, who had helped him rise to power in 1834 after Cuba had been liberated. Batista shared the same anti- communist views as the US.

Why was there a Cuban Revolution in the years 1956-1959?

Many people disliked the current leader, General Batista, who ran a corrupt and ressessive government and exploited workers and peasants.

What did some rich Cubans do after Castro replaced Batista?

They fled to the USA, where they campaigned against Castro's rule and later became the Cuban exiles.

What were Castro's first actions in Cuba as leader?

Promising to end corruption and exploitation and improve the economy, he began appointing communists to his government and took over American businesses which he then gave to the poor.