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In 1910, how much Iron did Germany produce compared to Britain?

14,793 (Germany) 10,380 (Britain)

Thousand tonnes

Between what years did the industrial workers wages rise by 30%?


In 1882, what percentage of the German workforce was employed in agricultural labour?

In 1907, what percentage of the German workforce was employed in agricultural labour?


34 %

What happened in Hamburg, 1906?

Red Wednesday riots. Peaceful demonstrations calling for constitutional change turned violent.

When was the Pan German League founded?


When was the Flottenveiren founded?


What did the 1912 amendment to the Naval Law involve?

A German fleet with 24 dreadnoughts

When was the Daily Telegraph incident?

November 1908

When was the Zabern Affair?

November- December 1912

In the 1908 election in Prussia, 418,000 votes translated into how many Conservative seats?


In the 1908 election in Prussia, 600,000 votes translated into how many socialist seats (Social democrats)


The corrupt system of voting in Germany pre 1918 was due to the...

'three class franchise'

Unemployment rose from ______ in 1882 to _____ in 1907

1.35 million | 3.45 million

A vote of no confidence against Bethmann-Hollweg was supported by...

293 votes to 54

The German bill of 1913 increased the German army's size by how many troops?

170,000 troops.

Initially there was a protest against war on the 28th and 29th July in Berlin, with how many demonstrators?


Define 'burgfrieden'

A castle that is under seige and all deifferences are put aside in the name of survival.

How many German casualties were there by the end of 1914?


What was the US passenger ship that Germany sunk called?


What happened February 14 1915?

Germany ordered submarine blockade on Britain, Britain retaliated by ordering all goods presumed to be destined for Germany to be seized by Royal Navy

In 1914, how much of what Germany consumed was imported?


Mobilisation took what fraction of the agricultural landforce?


Which two radicals believed the only way to peace was through revolution?

Rosa and Luxembourg and Karl Liebknecht

The production of machine guns increased from ____ in 1915 to _____ in 1917


The 'Turnip winter' was which year?


How many German men were mobilised to serve, and how many of these were killed?

13 million|2 million

What was the slogan on placards of demonstrators in May/June 1916

'Freedom, Bread, Peace'

In April 1917, how many workers demonstrated for food and the end of the war?

300,000 workers

What was article 231?

Germany had to accept full responsibility for WW1?

What was the Ebert Groener agreement?

In return for supplies and protection of its status, the army would put down any revolutionary activity

The Spartacist revolt began on the.....

5th January 1919

Who's idea was the 'fourteen point plan'?

Woodrow Wilson

What did Chancellor Scheidemann say to the National Assembly on 12 May 1919?

"What hand would not wither that binds itself and us in these fetters?"

How much territory of coal production did Germany lose in the Treaty of Versailles?


Which two areas were given to Poland in the TofV which were of symbolic significance?

Posen and West Prussia

How many men was the German army limited to in the TofV?


Define 'diktat'

Dictated without consent (The TofV was dictated to Germany without negotiation)

The elections of Jan 1919 gave the SPD how many seats?


When did the Kapp Putsch begin?

12-13 March 1920

What did General von Seeckt declare when he was ordered to ordered to act on the rebelling Freikorps?

Reichswehr do not fire on the Reichswehr.

What was the national debt in 1919, and what did it increase to in 1922?

144 milliard marks| 469 milliard marks

How many French and Belgian troops occupied the Ruhr in Jan 1923, as a result of the failure of Germany to pay reparations?


In 1918 how much did it cost to buy a loaf of bread, and how much in Nov 1923?

0.63 marks| 201,000,000,000

Who established the Rentenmark, and when?

Hans Luther (under Stresemann) Nov 1923

How many coalition governments were there between 1919-33?


When was the Dawes Plan introduced?

August 1924

When was the Young Plan introduced?

June 1928

In 1933, how many German's were unemployed?

6 million

By late 1929, the Reich institution borrowed how much from the government and why?

342 million reichsmarks, to pay benefits to the unemployed

How much foreign investment did Germany recieve between 1924-30?

25.5 billion marks.

Between 1924 and 1932 how many disputes of wages were brought to arbitration?


Between 1927 and 1930, how many homes were built or renovated?


When was Germany admitted into the League of Nations?

September 1926

The Nazi Party was first reorganised after winning how many votes in the December 1924 election?


In 1930, 2/3's of the Nazi party's members were under?

40 years old

How many Nazi supporters were at the Nuremburg rally of August 1929?


The economic production in 1932 was what percentage of what it was in 1913?


How many seats did the Nazis have after the 1932 election?


What percentage of the vote did Hitler lose in the November 1932 election?


What date was Hitler appointed as Chancellor?

30 January 1933

When was the Reichstag fire?

27 February 1933

Which law threw Jews and political opponents out of the civil service?

The Law for the Restoration of the Professional Civil Service (April 1922)

What happened 14th July?

The Nazi Party was declared the only legal party in Germany

When was the Concordat with the Catholic church signed?

20th July 1933

What was signed on 28 February 1933?

Emergency Decree for the Protection of People and State

From January-May 1933 how many Germans joined the Nazi Party?

1.6 million

The Reich Ministry of Popular Enlightenment, with who at its head?

March 1933, Goebbels

In November 1933, Robert Ley set up which two schemes?

Schönheit der Arbeit and Kraft durch Freude

How many members did the SA have by 1934?

2.5 million members

When was the Marburg Speech?

June 1934

How many Germans approved that hitler should become Führer on 19 August?


How many members were in the Gestapo?


Gestapo figures suggest there were how many active Communists in Berlin?


How much did the 'People's Radio' cost?

35 marks

How much was poured into work schemes?

5 billion marks

The percentage of the population unemployed in 1933 was ____ and in 1939 was _____.


By 1938 what fraction of the workforce had enjoyed a state-financed holiday?


Müller, the national bishop, incorporated how many members of Protestant youth groups into Hitler Youth groups?


How many Protestant priests were arrested for condemning the teaching of paganism in the Nazi curriculum?


What percentage of German youth belonged to Hitler Youth by 1935?


When did it become compulsory to be a member of Hitler Youth?

March 1939

How many Germans were killed by allied bombing?


Give two examples of church opposition

The crucifix crisis (1941) and Bishop von Galen (1941)

How many cabinet meetings were held in 1933 compared to 1938, in which there were none?


What agreement was secured in June 1935 between England and Germany?

Anglo-German Naval Agreement, permitted Germany to build a fleet 35% of the British Navy size

What did Hitler reinforce with Italy in May 1939?

Pact of Steel

Give an example of racial policy being made 'on the hoof'

'Aryan clause'- Made by Frick, prevented Jews from being in civil service. On same day, a decree issued banning Jewidh Lawyers from practising. 7 April 1933

How many Jews were arrested during Kristallnact?


Who's initiative was Kristallnacht?

Goebbels- not göring or Himmler. Initiatives could come from anywhere, were born out of the 'working towards the Führer' theory and needed the approval of Hitler

Who did hitler give control of the T4 program to?


How many children were killed under the T4 program?


How was meat rationed?

At first it was 500g a week, reduced to 300g in April 1942, then increased to 350g in October same year

In the summer of 1941, how many factory cells of opposition were there?

89 (in Berlin)

When was the bomb plot?

20 July 1944

When was the bomb plot?

20 July 1944

In May 1940, there were 3.5 million what?

Fewer workers than the previous year

The production of weapons grew by how much between 1941-3


In 1941, demand for steel exceeded supply by how much?


In 1941, demand for steel exceeded supply by how much?