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A general term for the remuneration given to research participants often in the form of cash

Selective transcription

A transcription technique in qualitative interviews were only the parts of interviews that the researcher deems most relevant are transcribed


A general term that is used to refer to individual super dissipate in qualitative research projects

Introducing questions

In qualitative interviews this refers to questions that are generally opening questions in which the interviewee is prompted to give his or her amount of a situation or experience

Follow up questions

Refers to questions that are asked in qualitative interviews to get additional descriptions about topics just discussed by the interviewee

Probing questions

In qualitative interviews refers to the types of questions used by an interviewer to expand on incomplete points an interviewee has raised

Specifying questions

And qualitative interviews questions that the researcher asks to get more detailed descriptions about specific aspects of the interviewees descriptions

Direct questions

and qualitative interviewing questions introduced by the interview were usually toward the end of the interview that address specific topics that may have not been covered

Indirect questions

And qualitative interviews questions that the interviewer asks to get a sense of how the interviewee believes other people think or feel

Structuring questions

Questions used in qualitative interviews to keep the interview on track if it has gone off topic or to keep the interview moving along

Interpreting questions

And qualitative interviewing questions that are asked to ensure that the researcher is interpreting what the interviewee is saying as correctly as possible


In qualitative interview a technique used by the researcher of not saying anything to get the interviewee to continue speaking

Interview guide

A list of questions that a researcher wishes to address in the course of a qualitative interview


Refers to a trained facilitator used in focus group research who guides the focus group discussion


In focus group research refers to peoples natural desire to avoid conflict and leave it toward a group consensus even when the opinion of the group does not reflect their own personal opinions

Devils Advocate

In focus group research refers to a person whose role is to argue against a dominant idea then who could introduce new questions and new ways of thinking into the group so as to prevent a tendency towards group conformity