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la Wallonie
a region in the south of Belgium where French is spoken
the capital city of Belgium, French-speaking
le Manneken-Pis
a small bronze statue of a young boy urinating in a fountain
a large construction in the form of a molecule of iron that was built for the 1958 World's Fair (Exposition universelle)
Exposition universelle
World's Fair
both the country and it's capital city share the same name; the capital city is known for its banking system and luxury shops, along with historical sites classified by UNESCO
la place d'Armes
a wide open area in Luxembourg in which armed forces would parade
the largest Francophone city in Switzerland, houses a headquarters of the United Nations and the Red Cross, also a large banking center, known for its harbor fountains, its wharves, its history in watchmaking, and the public baths of Paquis
United Nations
la Croix-Rouge
Red Cross
les bains publics des Pâquis
public baths in Geneva, Switzerland
le Jardin anglais
a well-known garden in Geneva
lac Léman
a lake in Switzerland known for its perch, used to make perch filet, a famous Swiss dish
le filet de perche
a Swiss specialty, perch filet
la montagne de Bueren
a giant set of stairs in Liège, in Belgium; 373 steps; built in 1875 and named for an old Belgian general
Jean Neuhaus
the founder of the tradition of Belgian chocolate; first began to sell it in his pharmacy in Bruxelles; invented "les confiseries"; his grandson created the praline
filled chocolate offered in boxes
le ballotin
box of chocolates
a Belgian company that leads the world in praline sales
Bertrand Piccard
circled the world in a hot air balloon for the first time ever; also financed a flight in Africa against an infant sickness
le noma
an African sickness that normally strikes infants