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Mathieu Orfila
Father of Forensics Toxicology
Francis Galton
First definitive study of fingerprints and their classification
Leon Lattes
Developed a procedure to determined blood type from dried up stains
Hans Gross
Father of modern criminalistics
Calvin Goddard
Used a comparison microscope to determine if a particular gun fired a bullet
Alphonse Bertillion
Devised the first scientific system of personal identification
Albert Osborne
Developed a system to assist in ascertaining document authenticity
St. Valentines Day Massacre
Worked on by Calvin Goddard
Edmond Locard's Exchange Principle
Every contact, no matter how slight, will leave a trace of evidence on both contacting parties
Define Forensics
The application of science to law
Insect Case
The sickle attracted flies and was thus carrying traces of blood
Ancient Chinese Arson Case
Yi Yu Ji discovered no ashes in a man's mouth, proving he was murdered prior to the actual fire Sung Tzu CLAIMS caused the bodily damage in question. But Yi Yu Ji knew what was up