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legal definitions of insanity are crafted by

judges and legislature

cretibility assessment is also referred to as

lie dection

the control question test (CQT) posits that guilty individuals react to ..... questions, whereas innocent individuals react to..... questions

relevant, control

lying is considered to be and adaptive behavior from an ... point of view


false confessions may occur as a result of

intimidation, deception, fatigue

A highly publicized trial in california which was later seen as a factor in the subsequent death of Harvey Milk, brought up the influence of heavy ingestion of junk food on the mental state. The defense of the accused, Dan White (1978) was referred to as the....

twinkie defense

a challenge for cause is ... whereas a permptory challenge .....

with reason, without reason

the type of serial killer that receives satisfaction through controlling the victim is referred to as a

power oriented killer

in the construction of memory it is not uncommon to find that distortion may take place as we try to retrieve that memory. the fallowing is true when we encode an event

encoding; gathering information and it in a form that can be held

7th ammendment

the right to a trial by jury in most civil cases

when the eyewitness is a child it is likey that accuracy of the information they can provide is

less accurate than adults

malingering is

faking or exaggerating mental illness

the group of prospect jurors is called


cross racial identifications are generally... accurate than/as same race identification


a person accused of a crime has the right to plead guilty and deny having an attorney, however according to the supreme court (Johnson v. Zerbst) a guilty plea must be

knowing, voluntary, intelligent

why might judges be reluctant to fully embrace psychological research?

they might view social science as an attempt to undermine their authority

according to the text those found not guilty by reason of insanity generally spend.... amount of time in a secured mental hospital than they would if they serve out in prison the sentence they would have received if found guilty


not only do mock jurors provide important information to attorneys regarding possible traits that would be advantageous in a true jury, but they also offer an opportunity to assess

strengths and weaknesses of the case

the process of drawing inferences about the suspects personality, behavior, motivation and demographics characteristic based on evidence is referred to as

criminal profiling

Menninger's book "the crime of punishment" focused on

the greater use of therapeutic methods to rehidilitation

courts can reccomned focible medication of defendants

who are a harm to themselves or others

most serial killers are..... and of ..... inteligence

white males, average

eyewitnesses depend on... to identify or describe a suspect


when describing memory, ... is the first componet required in the process of neccessary for retantion


the Reid technique is a form of interrogation that relies on a psychological process to glean information from a suspect. One step of it is

establishing a sense of social isolation

acccording to the test, insanity

refers to the criminals state of mind during the time the crime occured

the tendency to attribute others behavior to dispositional causes such as personality is referred to as

fundamental attribution error

the reassigning of a face that is familiar from another context to the scene of a crime is referred to as

unconscious transference

according to the text, postpartum psychosis usually occurs within the

first 90 days after child birth

the federal Polygraph Protection Act of 1988 prohibited.... from administering polygraphs for the purpose of hiring for a job

most private employers

the Durham standard took into consideration

an accused is not criminally responsible if his unlawful act was the product of mental disease or defect

many serial killers seem to prefer to use .... methods of killing such as.....

intimate- stabbing, strangulation, torture

the process of having an eyewhitness looking at one person or photograph at a time is referred to as .... lineups


insanity is considered

a legal judgment decided by the court

in terms of the burden of proff, in criminal cases the standard of proof for a person to be found guilty is ..... whereas in a civil trial, the standard of proof is...

beyond a reasonable doubt, preponderance of evidence

techniques for refreshing witnesses memory include

hypnosis and cognitive interviews

a direct accusation that suspects committed the crime for which they are charged is referred to as

certainty of guilt

"giving psychology away" according to Miller (1969) refers to

using psychological tenets to solve social problems

when two or more crimes are commited by the same person it is referred to as

case linkage

serial killers that tend to torture their victims and kill for sadistic sexual pleasure are referred to as .... types


techniques such as the use of drugs, alcohol, and physical destractions are all examples of

counter-measuring to polygraph tests

expert testimony

provided specialized knowledge

6th ammendment

right to a trial by an impartial jury in criminal cases

according to the text there are approximately... FBI specialists in the area of profiling


Postpartum depression differs from postpartum blues in that new mothers with postpartum depression..... while those with postpartum blues...

have sucidal thoughts, display anxiety

mock juries often used by trial consultants to primarly evaluate their .......... prior to selection of a true jury

strengths and weaknesses of the case

killers that tend to be more impulsive and select victims more randomly are referred to as

disorganized killers

the primary goal of psychological science is to

provide a full and accurate explanation of human behavior

voir dire is the

questions asked to potential jurors attorneys get the chance to remove or challenge potential jurors

one problem with using polygraph tests as a part of a criminal investigation is that

many polygraph tests are not done under controlled conditions

if restoration to competence cannot be accomplished proceedings may be held to issue a

mental health hold, medication, or determine competency in foreseeable future

the psychiatric illnesses most commonly associated with successful insanity pleas include

mental retardation, psychosis, mood disorders

the theory behind the polygraph test is that

lies will be seen by physiological changes

the biggest most important benefit of having a shadow jury take place according to the text is that because they will actually hear the same testimony as the actual jury they can provide...

critical feedback that allows attorneys to adjust stragities

the polygraph may be used as a method to evoke...

a confession

the NASH system is utilized to classify

cause of death

in high profile cases trial consultants are often hired. Trial consultants utilize a ..... approach to jury selection

data driven

the legal definition of wheather an individual has the capacity to perform necessary personal or legal functions is known as

competency to stand trial

police prefer confessions because

it saves time

mens rea refers to .... whereas actus rues refers to.....

intent to commit crime or the guilty mind, physical act of the crime guilty actions

bias reducing instructions are used to assist eyewitnesses to be accurate in their identification of a suspect, an example such instructions as noted in the text is telling the eyewitness that

the true criminal may not be in the line up

pro bono is lega service

free of charge

according to the text the attempt to examine the psychological state of an individual prior to his or her death is known as

psychological autopsy

in therms of plea bargains, Grisso at al (2003) found that they number of youths aged 11-13 years old were ..... likely to accept a plea bargain than young adults


cognitive dissonance may best be described as

two beliefs or a belief and a action that are in conflict

the concept that a person who commits a crime will recieve punishment through the workings of our legal system is called


if a potential juror is removed because they are unlikely to be able to deliver an impartial verdict based purely on evidence this type of removal is reffered to as

a challenge for cause

miranda rights contain how many sections


.... is the part of memory process that involves accessing and pulling out stored information at a later time


the ultimate goal of questioning suspects is to

elicit a confession

the guilty but mentally ill verdict states that certain people who are found guilty of a criminal act should spend time of their sentence in..... and receive.....

mental institution, treatment

when determining insanity the courts rely on

clinical psychologists

the behavior of ..... tends to be more elaborate and ritualistic than that of other killers

organized killers

according to the text what is usually referred to as jury selection is actually a process of

voir dire

competency to stand trial refers to the psychological state of the accused...

at the time of the trial

that two criteria based on the cause of Dusky v. US must be met for a person to be competent to stand trial in the US?

ability to communicate with their lawyer and to understand the proceedings

How do jurors view the insanity defense?

they translate the definition, use preexisting common sense notions, and are not constricted by legal definitions or instructions

what is the purpose of a psychological autopsy and when would it be used

the psychological autopsy is used to try and gather as much information about the victim before the crime occurred. They would look at their mail, phone records, talk to friends and family. They would use this is a mother went missing.