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Which describes the fire service culture?

An all-encompassing set of traditions,

procedures, norms, attitudes, behaviors,

personal demographics, and community.

Which describes a tradition?

A practice handed down and generally

performed and adhered to without question.

What routinely lures firefighters into bad



Which describes accountability?

Taking ownership

Which describes management?

Establishing and enforcing department policies and procedures

What makes changing the culture of a

department difficult?

a. Traditions

b. Norms

c. History

d. All of the Above

All of the above

Which describes leadership?

Motivating towards safe attitudes

How are firefighters' behaviors influenced?

a. Attitudes

b. Training

c. Mentoring

d. All of the above

All of the above

What may help explain why Line of Duty Deaths (LODD's) and injuries still occur?

The fire service is resistant to change

What could firefighters do to prevent injuries or death?

Practice what they have learned

Who interacts with the company officer during emergency scene operations?

The battalion chief

Who has the authority and responsibility to

identify and recommend safety practices?

The safety officer

Who keeps the crew prepared and safe?

The company officer

Which of the following are some questions that company officers should ask themselves to

determine if their companies are prepared?

a. Does my crew know what tools to bring and what their roles are?

b. Will my driver/operator know how to secure an uninterrupted water supply?

c. Has my company been adequately trained?

d. All of the above

Who serves the role as teacher, leader, and counselor?

The company officer

What is a critical component of the company

officers's responsibility?

a. discipline

b. maintaining a social connection with the crew

c. Keeping an even temper

d. Drilling


Which is a non-punitive process that allows

firefighters to share information so others can recognize similar situations?

Firefighter near miss reporting

Which is/are part(s) of an after-action review?

a. Incident debriefing

b. After-action review

c. Investigation of serious injuries and fatalities

d. All of the above

All of the above

Which is/are part(s) of the Army risk assessment process?

a. Identification of hazards

b. Assess the hazards

c. Develop controls to aid decision making

d. All of the above


What i the first step in the five steps of risk


Risk Identification

What is the third step in risk management?

Risk Prioritization

What does NFPA 1561, Standard on Emergency Services Incident Management System, provide for?

a. a well-coordinated approach to the emergency

b. accountability for all firefighters

c. Overall safety of all firefighters at the scene of the emergency

d. all of the above

All of the above

What compares the outcome of the event against organiazational policies, procedures, and guidelines?

a. a pre-fire plan

b. a hot wash

c. a needs assessment

d. an after-action review

an after action review

Which question is included as part of a critique?

a. what went well?

b. what was the incident?

c. what happened that could have been improved?

d. all of the above

All of the above

What is NFPA 1500?

Standard on fire department occupational safety and health program

What are risk management principles according to NFPA 1500 that shall be used by the incident commander?

a. no risk to the safety of members shall be acceptable when there is no possibility of saving lives or property.

b. If there is excessive risk, activities shall be limited to defensive operations.

c. If there are significant risks, activities shall be limited to those where there is only the potential to save endangered lives.

d. all of the above

all of the above

What ensures that significant updates are given to everybody on the incident?

a. communications

b. a well written memorandum

c. yelling

d. safety enforcement


Who is more acutely alert to potential dangers and more able to recognize and stop an unsafe act?

a. Firefighters who are trained in the practice of situational awareness

b. The safety officer

c. Common sense

d. The concept of cultural change

Firefighters who are trained in the practice of situational awareness

What are all of the 16 Firefighter Life Safety

Initiatives predicated upon?


What are actions that directly or indirectly

compromise the physical well being of a firefighter?

a. Unsafe practices

b. Negligence

c. Gross negligence

d. Wanton behavior


What is an example of cultural shift within the fire service?

a. The empowerment of subordinate employees to "speak up"

b. The improvement of PPE

c. The technological advancements in fire apparatus

d. The advancements in burn treatment


What is a skill set developed through training and role play throughout all levels of an organization?

Situational Awareness

What is a system involving the use of the experience, knowledge, and attentiveness of all crew members in the decision making process?

a. empowerment system

b. decision making tree

c. challenge and confirm policy

d. crew resource mgmt


What has been identified as a problem, in some form, in nearly every report generated after a firefighter fatality?

a. communication breakdown

b. lack of command

c. poor protective clothing

d. lack of experience


Who is someone engaged in one of the learned professions who conforms to the technical or ethical standards of that profession?

a. a novice

b. a professional

c. an apprentice

d. a scholar

a professional

Which are levels of recognition for professional competence?

a. credentialing

b. certification

c. licensure

d. all of the above

all of the above

What are three levels of hazardous materials


a. awareness

b. operations

c. technician

d. all of the above

all of the above

What should be one of the fire service's highest priorities and deepest values?

a. training

b. gaining as much experience as possible

c. maintaining traditions

d. establishing and maintaining professional

l credentials


Which was one of the first countries to make the move to firefighting as a profession?

a. United Kingdom

b. Mexico

c. China

d. Australia

United Kingdom

What is one of the more critical aspects of

protecting the integrity of our training system?

a. training of instructors

b. credentialing of instructors

c. certification of instructors

d. all of the above


What are the general types of certification?

a. those valid for the entire lifetime once the exam is passed

b. those that require periodic recertification

c. those that require an incremental fee structure

d. Both A and B are correct

Both A and B are Correct

What addresses many aspects of firefighter safety, including medical and fitness requirements?

a. NFPA 1500

b. NFPA 1561

c. NFPA 1800

d. NFPA 1583

NFPA 1500

What NFPA reference details very specific aspects of a medical examination?

a. NFPA 1584

b. NFPA 1582

c. NFPA 1561

d. NFPA 1021

NFPA 1582

What is the intent of NFPA 1584, Standard on the Rehabilitation Process for Members During Emergency Operations and Training Exercises?

a. to provide ongoing education on how to rehabilitate

b. to provide supplies, shelter, equipment, and medical expertise to firefighters where and when they need it

c. to create a safety net for members unable or unwilling to recognize when they are fatigued

d. All of the above


What is the most critical component of a health and fitness program?

a. enforcement

b. descipline

c. leadership

d. participation


Which are part of the five key components of the national Volunteer Fire Council's Health and Wellness Guide?

a. regular screenings and medical evaluations

b. fitness program

c. behavior modification

d. all of the above

All of the above

What are risk factors that can be controlled by firefighters?

a. smoking

b. alcohol use

c. drug use

d. all of the above

All of the above

What is used to test candidates as part of the IAFF/IAFC Labor Management Initiative?


What provides an ongoing education on when and how to rehabilitate?

NFPA 1584

What creates a safety net for members unable or unwilling to recognize when they are fatigued?

a. NFPA 1500

b. NFPA 1584

c. NFPA 1561

d. NFPA 1521


How does Physical Ability Testing serve your department?

a. initial physical ability standard

b. annual performance standard

c. return to duty standard

d. all of the above


What is defined by investigation or experimentation aimed at the discovery and interpretation of facts?

a. science

b. hypothesis

c. reserarch

d. guestimation


Which of the following organizations does not investigate or collect data on firefighter deaths?

International Fire Service Instructors Association

Which are possible chronic threats to firefighters health?

a. diesel exhaust exposure

b. exposure to fire contaminants at scenes

c. medical exposures

d. all of the above


Which statement about National Fire Incident Reporting System (NFIRS) is true?

The delay in discovery of national fire problems is due to the lack of participation in NFIRS.

What refers to a definite course of action meant to guide and determine present and future decisions?

a. procedure

b. directive

c. policy

d. standing order


What database contains reports on about half of all incidents nationally?

National Fire Incident Reporting System (NFIRS)

What organization is a source of data on firefighter safety and conducts independent investigations into firefighter fatalities?

NIOSH National Institue of Occupational Safety and Health

What is considered a grassroots system of data collection?

a. Firefighter Close Calls

b. Firefighter near miss reporting system

c. Both A and B are correct

d. National Fire Incident Reporting System (NFIRS)

Both A and B are correct

What benefits the department the most when it is treated as a ongoing process in which the department continually seeks to challenge its own practices?

a. strategic planning

b. setting goals

c. determining objectives

d. risk management


What should firefighters keep in mind when evaluating new technology?

a. the future

b. a better way to do things

c. cost

d. the basics

The basics

How many firefighter fatalities have been attributed to traffic accidents over the past 30 years?


What is a technology that is more than 100 years old and is still not embraced by firefighters?


What factor has been a catalyst for firefighter deaths across the country?

a. drinking and driving

b. speed

c. equipment failure

d. lack of seatbelts


What technology is used that can identify the location of a fire truck or even a firefighter?

GPS Global positioning system

What members of the department are more likely to embrace technology?

Newer Members

What does a department need to do before investing in the latest and greatest devices for emergency vehicles?

a. ensure driver has good driving habits

b. ensure driver uses all basic safety devices

c. both a and b are correct

d. none of the above

c. both A and B are correct

What can lead to better decisions by firefighters?

a. good current information about risk

b. good current information about structures

c. good current information about systems

d. all of the above

all of the above

What testing is under way regarding Self contained Breathing Apparatuses (SCBA's) due to documented line of duty deaths of thermal exposure?

SCBA facepieces

What will allow technology to continue to meet the demand of the fire service?

a. becoming more sophisticated

b. becoming more affordable

c. becoming more portable

d. all of the above

All of the above