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Two main kinds of sexual harassment actionable under federal law include:

quid pro quo and hostile environment

One of the methods below is NOT used to assess learning criteria of what’s been gained in training:

Identify the trainee’s belief that the knowledge is useful

In Kirkpatrick’s training evaluation model, results criteria for training:

relate to the economic value of the program to the company.

The assessment of training needs consists of a classic three-step process. These steps include all of the following except

criteria analysis

In the post-training environment, generalization refers to whether:

the trained skills are exhibited in the transfer setting

__________ occurs when a manager who has been judged to have high potential fails to live up to this potential and is fired, demoted, or plateaued below expected levels of achievement.


In the __________ phase of skill acquisition, general intelligence is most important.

declarative knowledge

Transfer of training can best be defined as the extent to which:

trainees apply learning from training back to the job

Which of the following is most likely to be useful in helping people to transfer training?

Opportunities to apply what was learned

The extent to which trained skills are exhibited in the transfer setting refers to __________, while the length of time that trained skills continue to be used on the job refers to __________.

generalization; maintenance

Learning criteria evaluate:

how much has been learned in the training program

Physical fidelity refers to:

training equipment that closely matches on-the-job equipment

Which of the following statements is NOT true regarding task analysis?

It is used to determine who needs training.

Business games are an example of the __________ training method.


Same sex sexual harassment:

is recognized by the courts.

Psychological fidelity refers to:

training tasks that closely simulate skills required in the job.

Behavior modeling techniques:

rely on the availability of experts.

Executive coaching typically has three phases. Which of the following is NOT one of these phases?

Workplace simulation

The type of needs assessment technique that examines system wide factors that may facilitate or retard the transfer of skills from training to the job is:

organizational analysis.

A critical state-like attribute that refers to one’s perceptions of one’s abilities to meet situational demands is referred to as:


The employees who remain after organizational downsizing:

often feel that the psychological contract has been broken.

If an employee said, “I love this company, and I hope I never have to leave”, most likely this would indicate a high __________ component of organizational commitment.


Some employees do much more than their job requires. They may help out other employees, volunteer to serve on organizational committees, promote organizational goals, etc. These extra-role behaviors are referred to as___________.

organizational citizenship behavior

__________ refers to the degree to which a person identifies psychologically with his or her work, and the importance of work to one’s self-image.

Job involvement

Morrow’s research has suggested that an individual can be committed to different focal points of work, such as:

job, organization, occupation.

The HR department at Box World is respected by employees. One of the main functions of the HR dept. is to investigate charges of sexual harassment. The HR dept. handles these investigations in a "just" manner, allowing all concerned parties an opportunity to present their side, showing genuine concern for employees' feelings, and clearly explaining company policies and procedures. This example typifies _________.

informational justice

All of the following are components of organizational justice except:
demonstrative justice
The psychological contract as a promise-based exchange appear to be:
generalizable to many societies
When a psychological contract has been violated the:

contract becomes more transactional than relational.

The __________ is the exchange relationship between the individual employee and the organization dealing with the employee's perception of the reciprocal obligations existing within the organization.

psychological contract

A large Midwestern manufacturing company had a highly profitable year. To show its appreciation to its employees, the company had a holiday party. At the party, the company's CEO awarded numerous certificates and plaques to various employees. Showing employees such respect and appreciation for a job well done refers to:

interpersonal justice

A sequence of five employee responses to violations of the psychological contract has been identified. Which one of the following is NOT one of them?


Employees at Prime Time Company are fuming. Over the past 3 years the company has investigated 10 employee theft allegations. The problem is that each investigation has been dealt with differently. In some cases all concerned parties had a right to present their views, whereas in others only the accuser had an opportunity to present his side. Further, information on the inventory is often inaccurate. This case pertains to which type of organizational justice?


Research on the relationship between job satisfaction and job performance has indicated a:

weak positive relationship.

There are two levels of job satisfaction. They are:

job facet satisfaction; global satisfaction

A company decides to give Mary a $300 bonus, Franco a $200 bonus and Christa a $100 bonus. The fairness of these outcomes refers to __________.

distributive justice

All of the following are characteristics of the psychological contract EXCEPT:

it is a formal written document.

Research on violence in the workplace has shown that:

noise and heat can lead to aggressive acts.

__________ is a type of justice that has two components: informational justice and interpersonal justice.

Interactional justice

Sheryl says to her coworker, “I love the people I work with here but I am not happy with the advancement opportunities.” This statement is a reflection of __________.
job facet satisfaction

According to Warr’s two-dimensional model of affective well-being, a person with low status on both dimensions could be described as __________.

gloomy and fatigued

Conflict over work and family appear greatest in which of the following types of regional cultures?


Nancy works for a company that requires her to set performance goals for the upcoming year. This practice most likely has __________ on her mental health.

a positive effect

Denzel is very achievement oriented. He makes goals and makes active efforts to attain them. Denzel is definitely high in __________.


Studies on working mothers have revealed:

working mothers desire work accommodations to meet family demands.

EAPs are used to:

help employees address a variety of adjustment issues.

People most likely to work under the influence of alcohol are:

men younger than 30.

What is the only environmental determinant of mental health that is NOT adversely affected by unemployment?

opportunity for interpersonal contact

If an employee works four 10-hour days instead of five 8-hour days, this is called a(n):

compressed workweek.

The __________ allows workers up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave to attend to family needs

Family and Medical Leave Act

All but which one of the following have organizations instituted primarily as a means of reducing work/family conflict?

rotating shifts

A situation of high pleasure and high arousal results in high __________.

affective well-being

According to Warr’s research, the contribution of __________ to mental health is given greater importance in Western than in Eastern cultures.


Research on working fathers suggest that:
men make less sacrifices in their careers than women.
The intrinsic value of work pertains to the value:
an individual finds in performing the work, in and of itself
Problems with circadian rhythms are most evident with regard to:

rotating shift work

According to Warr’s two-dimensional model of affective well-being, a person with high status on both dimensions could be described as __________.
happy and energetic
All but which of the following are advantages of flextime?

it works well with team-based work

Joni decides what she's going to do and how she's going to do it on her job. She has complete control in her position. In terms of mental health, Joni is high in __________.
The instrumental value of work refers to the value:
of work in providing the necessities of life (e.g., food, shelter).