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name the 7 keys
Discernment- Judge the seed by the harvest
Optimism-Be realistic See what Can Be
Responsibility-Think Results not reasons
Initiative-Favor Action over endless contemplation
Perseverance- Be persistent not stubborn
Purpose-Be Unique not Average
Sacrifice-Seek Wealth not riches
in the intro what are the two keys and the door?
the keys-success and selling
the door growth
what are the threes things all people should avoid doing?
missing the obvious
forgetting the obvious
avoiding the obvious
what are the key ideas in the intro?
1)little minds are interested in the extraordinary; great minds in the common place.
2)To succeed we must diligently seek the obvious.
3)Figuring out the obvious can happen quickly. Mastering the obvious takes much more time.
4) happy is the one who dreams and is willing to pay the price to make them happen
4) What people want most from life is a purpose. If they can't find one they will settle for a life of ease.
5)It is not what we have but what we have to look forward to that makes life exciting.
6) If we haven't found the secrets to enjoying life where we are we aren't going to find it somewhere else. The secrets can be found in our desires.
8) Growth isn't a key to success it is the door.
What is success?
Having fun finding and fulfilling our purpose in life.
Having fun is easier if we are fulfilling a meaningful purpose
What are the Key ideas in chapter one?